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a genus of tall Asian trees of the family Bombacaceae

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STARING AT JAIL TIME: OJ Simpson is consoled by his lawyer after the verdict, before being led away in handcuffs, top right; GRIEF: OJ's sister Carmelita Durio and friend Thomas Scotto.
Christopher Durio, 26, told deputies he had been burglarized several times and he was watching Reyes in his back yard through a window when the glass shattered.
Yn l Golwg: "Mae am durio trwy'i fywyd er mwyn ceisio deall y grymusterau a''r dylanwadau sydd wedi ei greu fel awdur".
They were affixed on Durio kutejensis (durian), Nephelium lappaceum (rambutan), Mangifera indica (mango), Pterocarpus indicus (Angsana), Fagraea fragrans (Tembusu) and Samanea saman (rain trees).
District 3 has the following new officers and Board members: Chita Farrar, President; Sharon Craig, President Elect; Debianne Peterman, First Vice President; Lynn Shores, Secretary; Dianne Green, Treasurer; Board of Directors members Judy Corfman, Valerie Durio, and Linda Thompson; and Nominating Committee members Frances Edwards and Sue Willoughby.
Part of a team of 24 European Commissioners, known collectively as the College, he will be led by newly appointed Portuguese President JosA Manuel Durio Barroso.
Philip Quinn added 18 points while Chad Durio had 14 points and dished out 10 assists for the Falcons (9-13, 6-6).
2 Agroforests Products Local Names Probable Latin Names Frequency Ai' ijuk [Wine of] Arenga pinnata 48 Buah rian Durio zibethinus [durian] 32 Buah sibau Nephelium reticulatum 17 Buah pedalai Artocarpus sericicarpus 15 Dedabai Canarium odontophyllum 13 Kayo' api [Firewood, various kinds] 13 Bukoh Artocarpus integer 13 Engkabang Shorea macrophylla 9 Ketuntum 8 Kulat [mushroom] 6 * Kemiding Stenochlaena spp.
For the Falcons (8-5, 2-1), John Stark had 23 points and 17 rebounds while Chad Durio added 11.