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Synonyms for durian

tree of southeastern Asia having edible oval fruit with a hard spiny rind

huge fruit native to southeastern Asia 'smelling like Hell and tasting like Heaven'

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DELICACY: the durian fruit has exotic-tasting flesh beneath its spikes; COLOURFUL: luxurious Tanjong Jara Resort, top right, makes a perfect base for visiting the beautiful beaches of Redang Island
Photo: Prickly and potent, ripe durians were offered in July at Geylang Sera; this fruit's taste elicits either delight or revulsion
Other projects have included inventorying the fruit and vegetable markets of the Lower East Side of New York City, looking for durians, mangosteens and other exotic fruits and working with urban healers on a women's health project.
Moreover, Durians is a selection of literary essays--one of the principal genres of Chinese-language literature, but appearing in English translation less often than novels, short stories, or poetry.