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tree of southeastern Asia having edible oval fruit with a hard spiny rind

huge fruit native to southeastern Asia 'smelling like Hell and tasting like Heaven'

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Flavour is a combination of taste, smell, texture (touch sensation) and other physical features, such as temperatureOur senses can be misled - the durian fruit smells horrible, but it is called the ``King of Fruits'' and tastes deliciousCompared to animals, we have only one-fifth the ability of cats to distinguish between particular smells and tastes, while dogs can differentiate between the smell of clothing worn by non-identical twinsHumans can only identify up to a maximum of four odours in a mixture, regardless of whether the odours are single molecules or a complex one
The world is a never-ending buffet of gastronomical adventures to be savored, whether it is the quest for the perfect cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, a trip to Thailand to experience the durian fruit (with a smell likened to stinky goat cheese combined with rancid eggs), or a foray to Chile to find the freshest seafood stew, along with culinary adventures throughout the US, such as to a Southern prison where a ten-time convict prepares chicken-fried hamburger and gravy-smothered fries, along with other specialty dishes.
DELICACY: the durian fruit has exotic-tasting flesh beneath its spikes; COLOURFUL: luxurious Tanjong Jara Resort, top right, makes a perfect base for visiting the beautiful beaches of Redang Island
Stallholders said the pong from the durian fruit was making them feel ill.
99) is made with that peculiar durian fruit of very refreshing taste but terrible smell.
One notable memory of Penang was my close examination of the durian fruit - a beautiful looking delight which smelled worse than the inside of my golf shoes after 36 holes.
Since then, he has opened the first medically supervised day spa and introduced the world of skincare to Glycolic Acid treatments, Pomegranates, Goji berries, and Durian fruit, among other achievements.
Malaysian grown and produced, Musang King Durian fruit is now available to purchase in the UK for the first time.
In order to bring balance to the body, "cold" foods like cucumber and eggplant, and "hot" foods like chili peppers and the Malay durian fruit, are combined to address a specific condition.