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Synonyms for durian

tree of southeastern Asia having edible oval fruit with a hard spiny rind

huge fruit native to southeastern Asia 'smelling like Hell and tasting like Heaven'

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Unlike other plant species that typically have one or two copies of these genes, this species boasted four copies, demonstrating that VSC production is, as Teh put it, "turbocharged" in durian fruits.
Love it or hate it, Durian fruit has brought attention to the fantastic food products available from Malaysia.
In the WSN system under the study, a sensor device (patch antenna) is first attached onto the exterior of a durian fruit as shown in Fig.
In Petaling street, eat the roast meat buns and try the pastries filled with the soft flesh of a stinky, spiky durian fruit.
Cultural experiences planned for the Rota volunteers include a thrilling Tuc-Tuc ride around Kampot, touring a Durian fruit farm, visits to the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and Central Market, learning traditional fishing techniques on Kep Beach and exploring Cambodia's unique salt fields.
The woman in my third example (top) sells durian fruit in the Ben Tre, Vietnam, market.
Toward the end of the film, she is seen eating the durian fruit alone, but her face doesn't show any obvious signs of either enjoyment or repulsion.
The hotel I stayed in had a clear prohibition -- no durian fruit could be brought into the hotel.
Durian fruit, but you can only use that one if you live in Southeast Asia.
DKT has noted some users' complaints about the latex scent of plain condoms, and has also tried to market condoms in other parts of the world tailored to local tastes, including those scented with the infamously stinky durian fruit in Indonesia and sweet-corn fragranced condoms in China.
95) is a fun survey of world culinary traditions and oddities, from its exploration of what to carry into a barren desert to the infamous durian fruit of tropical Asia.
pork brains with milk gravy, eel, blue claw crab, kimchi and durian fruit are just as likely to be on the plate.
The world is a never-ending buffet of gastronomical adventures to be savored, whether it is the quest for the perfect cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, a trip to Thailand to experience the durian fruit (with a smell likened to stinky goat cheese combined with rancid eggs), or a foray to Chile to find the freshest seafood stew, along with culinary adventures throughout the US, such as to a Southern prison where a ten-time convict prepares chicken-fried hamburger and gravy-smothered fries, along with other specialty dishes.
DELICACY: the durian fruit has exotic-tasting flesh beneath its spikes; COLOURFUL: luxurious Tanjong Jara Resort, top right, makes a perfect base for visiting the beautiful beaches of Redang Island