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a city of north central North Carolina

English breed of short-horned cattle


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CUTLINE: Westboro's Rob Lord plays defense for the Durham University lacrosse team in Durham, England.
1982) The Boltsburn mine, Weardale, County Durham, England.
Wright, author of more than 30 books and the Anglican bishop of Durham, England, since 2003, has proven that it might be worth adding a "W" to that prestigious list.
Most of the 16 essays were presented as papers to a 2002 conference in Durham, England.
On July 7, 2005, an official meeting of the Coatings Societies International (CSI) was held in Durham, England.
Mary's College, University of Durham, Durham, England.
Wright of Durham, England has strong views on that question.
Frank Proctor, while typical of his age and social class group, has an amazing talent for recalling his experiences from early childhood in Durham, England, to his final retirement after establishing a successful business in Canada's west.
But as Anderson returns to normal life with Lancashire and prepares for Wednesday's Cheltenham & Gloucester fourth round tie in Durham, England are pleading for patience.
But as Anderson returns to normal life with Lancashire and prepares for Wednesday's Cheltenham and Gloucester fourth round tie against Durham, England are pleading for patience.
People's IQ differences stem largely from the extent to which individuals' social and emotional background prepares them for mental tests, proposes Ken Richardson of Open University in Durham, England.
Howell John Harris is a Reader in History at the University of Durham, England, who has been a prominent participant in American historical debates ever since he published The Right to Manage: Industrial Relations Policies of American Business in the 1940s (Madison, 1982).
This is Lucy Lambton from Durham, England, who has come to Mississippi', said Lucius.
In celebration of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee, villagers from Esh, near Durham, England, have reprinted a collection of Esh-related stories originally published in 1914.
This multi-author volume is the result of a conference held in Durham, England, in 1998.