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a city of north central North Carolina

English breed of short-horned cattle


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But as Anderson returns to normal life with Lancashire and prepares for Wednesday's Cheltenham & Gloucester fourth round tie in Durham, England are pleading for patience.
But as Anderson returns to normal life with Lancashire and prepares for Wednesday's Cheltenham and Gloucester fourth round tie against Durham, England are pleading for patience.
People's IQ differences stem largely from the extent to which individuals' social and emotional background prepares them for mental tests, proposes Ken Richardson of Open University in Durham, England.
Howell John Harris is a Reader in History at the University of Durham, England, who has been a prominent participant in American historical debates ever since he published The Right to Manage: Industrial Relations Policies of American Business in the 1940s (Madison, 1982).
In celebration of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee, villagers from Esh, near Durham, England, have reprinted a collection of Esh-related stories originally published in 1914.
This multi-author volume is the result of a conference held in Durham, England, in 1998.
and visiting professor, sociology and social policy, University of Durham, Durham, England.
The author, emeritus professor of modern history at the University of Durham, England, and a past president of the Ecclesiastical History Society, has worked from a continental European, and not just an Anglo-American, perspective.
PHOENIX, July 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Compound Photonics, the engineered light technology company changing the world of projection, announced an agreement with RFMD whereby Compound Photonics will purchase Europe's largest Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) manufacturing facility in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, England.
Teresa Lavin had been caring for her Irish husband Valentine when he died on May 1 at their home in Darlington in Durham, England.
Mary was born in Durham, England, she came to this country after World War II on the Queen Elizabeth and eventually settled in Ware, Massachusetts, where she met her husband Fred.
In addition, the team, which now also includes Alastair Edge at the University of Durham, England, sorted the cluster catalog into four "slices" representing different distance ranges.
Wright, Bishop of Durham, England, presents his reading of Paul's thought in Paul: In Fresh Perspective (Fortress, $25).
Two moments captured the mood swings at a five-day summit on the future of efforts to promote Christian unity, which brought together some of the best ecumenical minds in the English-speaking world on the grounds of a picturesque 19th-century Catholic seminary in Durham, England, Jan.