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the outermost (and toughest) of the 3 meninges

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The story is vaguely autobiographical: Duras as a young woman in Indochina also had an Asian lover.
Duras was born April 4, 1914, in Giadinh in former French Indochina, where her father was a mathematics professor.
Yes, he occasionally bolts from and whinnies at his kept-man status, but Andrea's devotion to Duras is never really questioned.
Duras joined Fujitsu Computer Products in 1987 as area sales manager of the Eastern Region, and most recently served as director of sales.
For the last two years Tandberg has positioned itself as a company dedicated to the success of its channel partners," said Al Duras, Vice President, Distribution Sales and Marketing at Tandberg Data.
DURASIS, indicated for use as a dura substitute for repairing dura mater, had previously received CE Mark approval for sales in Europe.