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the outermost (and toughest) of the 3 meninges

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Duras neither argues for a shift of emphasis from literature to politics (from reading to action), nor pleads that literature has a duty to communicate a clear message in an unequivocal language.
Ces documents s'accompagnent d'une bibliographie choisie qui privilegie l'orientation biographique et les rapports litteraires entre Mme de Duras et Stendhal; on regrette neanmoins que cette bibliographie n'inclue pas davantage de references aux travaux critiques consacres a l'oeuvre de Mme de Duras, et, en particulier, aux nombreux articles publies recemment sur Ourika aux Etats-Unis.
Fumaroli and Diethelm cover much the same ground in these two essays, and to a considerable extent they both rearticulate what most scholars of Duras probably already know about her and her works.
One never knows a story before it's written," Duras notes, but Yann Andrea Steiner is less a story than autobiography, less autobiography than hope.
This is the first volume of a series on Marguerite Duras, which in the words of its editor, Bernard Alazet, will endeavour to 'defricher tout ce qui, d'un texte litteraire, echappe aux savoirs constitues, tout ce qui fait de lui un territoire plus complexe et fuyant, celui de la litterature' (p.
Following an appearance at Andrea's university in 1975, Duras so infatuates the philosophy student that he writes to her up to five times a day for five years.
At times, Duras argues - as she did when speaking with Jardine - that French women writers en bloc are at risk in France: "MD: In France, if you don't pay attention, you get eaten up.
Duras, whose literary career spanned 50 years, died at her home in the Latin Quarter, according to parish authorities there.
Al Duras has joined the company as vice president, sales; Anat Gafni has been promoted to the position of vice president, Management Software Division; and Gary Mueller joins TROIKA as vice president, operations.
Ecrire, reecrire: bilan critique de l'ouvre de Marguerite Duras.
Though called novellas by the publisher, the Two short pieces are more properly called "writings" by Duras in the interview with Ana Maria Moix that follows them.
For the last two years Tandberg has positioned itself as a company dedicated to the success of its channel partners," said Al Duras, Vice President, Distribution Sales and Marketing at Tandberg Data.
Intersexual Rivalry: A 'Reading in Pairs' of Marguerite Duras and Alain Robbe-Grillet.
a leading supplier of storage, scanner and printer products, today announced the promotion of Alan Duras to senior director of channel sales.
The Erotics of Passage: Pleasure, Politics, and Form in the Later Work of Marguerite Duras.