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United States historian (1885-1981)

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In 2017, Durant missed 19 games due to a knee injury.
Steve Kerr's men were without the likes of injured star man Curry as well as Andre Iguodala, David West, and Jordan Bell with Durant, who managed 39 points, 12 rebounds and four assists during the loss, claiming (http://www.
En effet, les flux des echanges commerciaux de la Tunisie avec l'exterieur aux prix courants ont enregistre durant les deux premiers mois de 2018 une augmentation au niveau des exportations d'environ 43% contre 4.
Perhaps in tribute to Bryant, Durant and Thompson never stopped shooting even when they weren't making many.
Durant will assume the official title "Advisor to the CEO".
Among them is the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, which serves to enrich the lives of at-risk youth from low-income backgrounds through educational, athletic and social programs.
BACKSTORY: Kevin Durant arrives in India as NBA tries to grow game
Durant brought news to the 400 IDEA students assembled in the school's gymnasium that the court would be finished at month's end.
400,840 kg de resine de cannabis ont ete saisis durant le premier semestre de l'annee 2016, dont 77,41% dans la region ouest du pays [beaucoup plus grand que], rapporte le document de l'ONLDT, dont l'APS a obtenu une copie.
Durant, who won his seat in a special election in 2011 and has since been re-elected twice.
La balance commerciale agroalimentaire a enregistre durant les quatre premiers mois de l'annee en cours une baisse dans le taux de couverture des importations par les exportations, pour atteindre 51% contre 76,8% durant la meme periode de l'annee derniere.
Durant noted that a letter would be going out to parents of the Cobblestone Elementary school students regarding the parking restrictions around the school.
NBA superstar Kevin Durant wants to come back and play in Britain again soon after enjoying yet another win on this side of the Atlantic.
Le trafic passager a l'aeroport Acharif Al Idrissi d'Al Hoceima a enregistre une hausse de 29,47 pc, durant l'operation "Marhaba 2013", par rapport a la meme periode de l'annee precedente, selon la direction de l'aeroport.