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United States historian (1885-1981)

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Paul Durant said: 'After I killed her, I cut her body into small parts, eating what parts of her I found eatable.
Durant, 44, met Karen a few weeks later after her boyfriend Miles Lanning flew back to England to earn money.
Durant - played in the movie by Ron Eldart - calmly placed the useless gun across his chest, folded his arms over it and turned his eyes to the sky.
Durant is scheduled for arraignment Monday on the charge, which carries a mandatory six-year, three-month prison term.
The second match saw Davie take the second spot after defeating Durant.
Prosecutors asked Durant if he had killed Karen Durrell in the eastern town of Calpe in 2004 and he said yes.
Before taking to the course, Durant had been backed at 36 on Betfair, but with a handful of holes to play in his first round the diminutive American was trading at single figures.
Indeed, as Durant pointed out regarding the concept of the circle, the concept 2+2=4 goes on forever, or, in other words, is not bounded in and of itself by space-time.
Departing from a literal "misreading" of the Conceptual notion of the work as a demonstration, an attempt to prove an idea, Durant proceeded to furnish each of the gallery's three spaces with a distinct meditation on the culture of protest and its implications for art.
21) In describing his role in Panama in 1989, Durant states, "Then the Panamanians opened up with everything they had" as he recounts the airborne operation.
Despite the perennially hot-button subject matter, the work reveals a quieter Durant than the one to whom we are accustomed: Formal allusions are more contained than usual and pop-cultural references all but absent, and Durant looks the stronger for it.
Will Durant was born in North Adams, Massachusetts, to French Canadian parents.
And things are no different even for a four-wheeled octogenarian from Michigan At the ripe old age of 82 this Durant Star is in fine shape, although it will admit to having a little bit of cosmetic work done.
There is a lot to learn from Somalia in terms of leadership, how to set people up for success, courage and heroism," Durant said.
In the Company of Heroes focuses on the life of the author, Michael Durant, one of the chopper pilots who crashed, was captured and survived.