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an aluminum-based alloy

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The plan was to turn the aluminium into the Duralumin used to build Spitfires, below (S)
In December 1926, engineers tested a Standard Steel Propeller Company forged duralumin propeller from a Huff-Daland XLB-1 that had failed at the junction of the hub and blade after thirty-four hours flying time and ten hours on a test stand.
organized elections in 1993, when many cheating incidents were reported, the boxes this time are made of duralumin, a metal alloy, and were built in Japan.
At just under three pounds and approximately half an inch thin, the Series 9 is crafted using Duralumin, a lightweight alloy normally used in advanced aircraft design that is more than twice as strong as aluminum yet just as light.
The contract Involves the supply of raw materials (stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics), subdivided as follows lot 1: stainless steel in various shapes and sizes (AISI 431 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, 316 stainless steel);lot 2: non-ferrous metals in various shapes and sizes (AG3-M aluminum, duralumin, copper, brass, bronze and lead);lot 3: plastics, for mechanical processes, in various shapes and sizes (Plexiglas, ivory-gray-black-transparent PVC, nylon, PTFE).
Pandey and Dubey [1] presented an integrated approach based on TM and fuzzy logic theory for optimization of multiple responses in Nd:YAG laser cutting of duralumin sheet.
The Hindenburg had a duralumin structure, incorporating 15 Ferris wheel-like bulkheads along its length, with 16 cotton gas bags fitted between them.
Samsung Notebook 900X3A is significant for its outstanding high-performance yet lightweight and slim design made by specialised Duralumin and its SuperBright Plus LED Screen that delivers 16 million colours and market-leading 400 nit viewing brightness that is 100 per cent brighter than a normal 13" notebook, said a statement.
The original caption read: "Huge man cages, each consisting of four decks and made of duralumin, which have been constructed by VickersArmstrong Ltd.
We consider a beam, made of duralumin, articulated at the right edge, simple rested at the left edge, with an uniform load and thickness h (Fig.
It was transporting five duralumin cases containing a total of 180 million yen.
They are low-wing mo noplanes, constructed entirely of metal and principally of duralumin.
Lighting installation that includes projector stage, Stage cannon tracking, tripod type tower tracking, professional carrying case, mixer lights, all cables related projector LED projector stage 4 channel DMX dimmer lamp light white DMX controller, reflector white light, moving head, smoke machine, steel structure suspension duralumin for LED display, LED screen, camera professional tripod for camera, professional camera,
Filling out the broad fenders are BBS "RI-D" One Piece Forged Duralumin wheels and featuring 245/40ZR20 Dunlop tires with an exclusive tread pattern.