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A cerebral angiogram in anteroposterior (Figure 1 a) and lateral views (Figure 1 b) revealed an aggressive type 4 dAVF involving the left transverse dural venous sinus (TS) with multiple sites of arterial communication.
Nine new chapters address increased interest in the field and provide in-depth focus on a range of new topics including normal cerebrovascular variants, non-shunting cerebrovascular malformations, the endovascular aspects of cerebrovascular disease in pregnancy, neurocritical care management of endovascular patients, anesthetic management of neurointerventional procedures, and the diagnosis and management of cerebral vasculitis, dural venous sinus thrombosis, pediatric cerebrovascular disease, and uncommon and genetic cerebrovascular diseases.
On day six magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance angiography excluded acute infarction and dural venous sinus thrombosis but showed features suggestive of both intracranial hypotension and cortical oedema in the posterior regions of the brain (Figure 1).
T2-weighted images show high-signal change involving the white matter with absent flow void in the related cortical vein or dural venous sinus.