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dilatation or distension of a hollow organ

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A number of radiographic features identifying dural ectasia have been suggested including a dilatation of the dural sac with the diameter of the thecal sac at S1 level greater than the diameter at L4 level,[sup.
MRI proved helpful in demonstrating the anatomical changes like the presence of AAD, and other features of mesodermal dysplasia viz, cervical kyphoscoliosis, vertebral wedging, posterior scalloping and dural ectasia, that were present in our case.
Rarely, it may be caused by dural ectasia (Figs 8a-c), arachnoid cysts or lateral thoracic meningocoeles.
Based on our radiological, electrophysiological and clinical findings, we diagnosed our patient as having brachial plexopathy, shoulder subluxation, cervical dural ectasia and spondylolisthesis.
The C4, C5, C6, and C7 vertebral bodies were markedly hypoplastic with posterior scalloping present, suggesting dural ectasia.