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a legal instrument authorizing someone to act as the grantor's agent

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You may want to talk with a lawyer about setting up a general power of attorney, durable power of attorney, joint account, trust, or advance directive.
The size of your estate aside, you must have four key documents: a will, a durable power of attorney, a living will, and a medical power of attorney.
08(7)(a), which provides that "[e]xcept as otherwise limited by this section, by other applicable law, or by the durable power of attorney, the attorney in fact has full authority to perform, without court approval, every act authorized and specifically enumerated in the durable power of attorney.
We recommend that the designation of a HIPAA personal representative be included in your durable power of attorney.
Here, Irving walks readers through advanced health-care directives, do-not-resuscitate orders and durable power of attorney for finances.
Step Five: Durable Power of Attorney The one thing every estate plan needs, it eliminates the need for guardianships and allows the attorney to transact business in a customer's absence, inability or incapacity.
If you draw up a durable power of attorney only with your lawyer, it's like having marriage counseling with your banker.
The NCLR Essential Documents packet provides basic information about these documents--including wills and trusts, documents protecting choices of medical care, autopsy and disposition of remains, hospital visitation authorization, durable power of attorney for finances, authorization for consent to medical treatment of a minor, and nomination of guardian for a minor--as well as sample forms.
A durable power of attorney remains effective until the principal revokes it or dies.
solid index] Have a durable power of attorney for property and for health care.
Finally, this section addresses practical matters related to health care coverage and future planning such as: traditional indemnity insurance, managed care, claim submission and denial, medical choices, living wills and durable power of attorney.
As a result, over the last few years, states have created a new type of power of attorney, the durable power of attorney for health care, to address the special needs that health care decisions require.
In fact, a 1994 survey of attorneys and service providers for the elderly revealed that two-thirds of the 410 respondents reported cases of abuse of the durable power of attorney.
Refusal of heroic measures and requests for withdrawal of life support are being blatantly ignored, sometimes even in the face of living wills and the instructions of the patient's designated durable power of attorney for health care.