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consumer goods that are not destroyed by use

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics surveyed 231 durable goods manufacturers, and placed "semiconductors and related devices" in the number two position, surpassed only by "electronic computers.
In sharp contrast, retailers in durable goods and semi-durable goods reported that the growth in their sales volumes remained lively.
Quality Matters, Quality Details Durable Goods are easy to live in.
Stocks of durable goods, such as autos, computer equipment and machinery, rose 1.
One reason that economists watch durable goods consumption is that it leads GDP over the business cycle.
The most notable gains late in 2001 were in sales of durable goods, and further advances are likely starting in midyear 2002.
Now, the good news: The federal government's monthly "Manufacturing, Mining and Construction" report shows strong demand for transportation goods boosted orders for durable goods in March.
The surge in spending had lifted the growth of the stocks of many types of consumer durable goods and business capital equipment to rates that could not be continued.
Company to Deploy IDS Scheer's ARIS Platform and ARIS[TM] SmartPath for Durable Goods
Future growth is expected to be led by construction and adhesives applications with automotive, appliance, and other durable goods following close behind.
Durable Goods Industries--Economic expansion in the U.
Injection molders of durable goods also acquired a taste for IML, applying it to toys, lawn and garden products, all-terrain vehicles, trash containers, and even tractor body panels.
Commerce Department said Wednesday that core orders for durable goods, excluding transportation, grew 2.
The plant will be located next door to MG's advanced metal recycling operations METRAN and will be between large feedstocks from the durable goods recycling infrastructure developing in Western Europe and the growing manufacturing and plastics molding base in Eastern Europe.
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