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consumer goods that are not destroyed by use

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i,t] represents the percentage change in real spending on durable good i (residential investment, motor vehicles PCE, recreational goods PCE, or household goods PCE) in quarter t.
269] indicates that a durable goods monopolist can avoid any commitment problems by renting, stating that a "monopolist would then become like a seller of a non-durable good" and Purohit [1995, p.
A durable good provides a stream of services during its lifetime.
The Commerce Department said orders for durable goods - expensive manufactured items expected to last at least three years - rose 0.
In sharp contrast, retailers in durable goods and semi-durable goods reported that the growth in their sales volumes remained lively.
Since 2004, durable goods losses have been lead by "white-collar" job losses, a drop of 10.
An estimated 85% to 95% of rigid food packaging there now uses IML, as do some durable goods such as returnable beer crates.
The plant will be located next door to MG's advanced metal recycling operations METRAN and will be between large feedstocks from the durable goods recycling infrastructure developing in Western Europe and the growing manufacturing and plastics molding base in Eastern Europe.
The central bank report stated, "Purchases of new motorcars featured prominently in third quarter expenditure on durable goods, but expenditure on other categories of durable goods also increased quite noticeably.
The capitalization of those higher expected returns boosted equity prices, contributing to a substantial pickup in household spending on new homes, durable goods, and other types of consumption generally, beyond even that implied by the enhanced rise in real incomes.
The Commerce Department reported that orders for durable goods, items expected to last at least three years, rose 3.
Looking at the composition of retail sales shows that durable goods purchases account for much of the weakness in consumer demand.
Company to Deploy IDS Scheer's ARIS Platform and ARIS[TM] SmartPath for Durable Goods
2 percent month-on-month as sales of durable goods (up 10.
durable goods rose solidly in March, and orders the previous month were revised upward, signaling strength in the manufacturing sector, the government reported Wednesday.
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