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Scottish theologian who was very influential in the Middle Ages (1265-1308)

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On the other hand, among the active members of the commission set up by Etienne Tempier for the assessment of Aristotle's doctrines was Henry of Ghent, bynamed doctor solemnis, a Flandrian Neoplatonic who was allotted an instrumental role in preparing the high scholastic philosophy of Duns Scotus and of Ockham.
In this sense, the People of God is 'magisterium that precedes,' and that later must be deepened and intellectually accepted by theology' (Pope Benedict's address on July 7, 2010 when he spoke of Blessed Duns Scotus at the general audience in Paul VI Hall).
Contrary to Anselm, Franciscan Blessed John Duns Scotus, a doctor of the church, did not argue that the Incarnation was necessary for the atonement or satisfaction for sin.
Once you make the move that Duns Scotus pursued, you can easily roll modern science's evolutionary account of the cosmos into Ong's construct of the Incarnation and creation.
This would be even better if there was a British connection and The Mirror supported the causes of John Randal Bradburne, Father Ignatius Spencer, and Blessed John Duns Scotus.
Aquinas employed Averroes's distinction between reason and faith, and via Ockham and Duns Scotus, this differentiation became foundational in later Western intellectual history.
Father Brian McGrath, parish priest at Blessed John Duns Scotus Church in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, claims the bones found their way to the city after one of the last surviving members of a wealthy French family contacted the Commissary of the Holy Land of France to discuss their long-term safety.
Safranski undertakes a twofold task: to describe Heidegger as he lived his life in time, over some eighty-eight turbulent years; and to organize and to present Heidegger's thinking as it exists outside time, on a plane with the thinking of Plato, Duns Scotus, Friedrich Nietzsche, Edmund Husserl, or Jean-Paul Sartre.
Sensitive to both the sources and their historical and intellectual contexts, Kent carefully traces the development of the dialogue, examining not only the ideas of Thomas Aquinas, Bonaventure, and Duns Scotus, but also the works of Walter of Bruges, Giles of Rome, Peter Olivi, Richard of Middleton, and William de la Mare.
Wolter Duns Scotus on the Will and Morality (Washington, D.
His personal involvement with heretics like Milton, Purcell, and Swinburne betrays the gap between his prescribed Jesuit studies and his natural interests, culminating in his rebellious allegiance to Duns Scotus, which cost him rank and approval.
The origin lies with the philosopher, John Duns Scotus.
However, the essay, like Ward's earlier "Philosophy and Inscape: Hopkins and the Formalitas of Duns Scotus," Texas Studies in Literature and Language (Summer 1990), is a definite addition to research, and will encourage further study of Newman's influence on his best-known convert.