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an adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion)

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The Shannopin Mine Dewatering Project, which was designed to prevent a catastrophic breakout of acid mine water from the abandoned Shannopin Mine into Dunkard Creek, was originally granted a permit allowing less stringent cleanup of the dangerous water.
The devastation to Dunkard Creek was astonishing," said PFBC Executive Director John Arway.
The lax water cleanup standards were allowed originally to avert an emergency - an impending breakout of acid mine pollution from the abandoned Shannopin Mine that would have severely polluted miles of Dunkard Creek and the Monongahela River," said PennFuture Senior Attorney Kurt Weist.
The Dana Mining Company of Pennsylvania LLC's 4 West Mine in Dunkard Township treats and discharges 3.
Today's agreement follows a fall 2009 algae bloom that was fatal to a large quantity of fish and other aquatic life in Dunkard Creek, a tributary of the Monongahela River.
These modifications will increase the company's capability to treat additional acid mine drainage, possibly eliminating, or at least diminishing, several existing acid mine discharges into Dunkard Creek.
Built in 1960, the concrete dam, located across the North Fork of the Dunkard Fork of Wheeling Creek, has been increasingly cracking and seeping.
Built in 1960, the dam across the North Fork of the Dunkard Fork of Wheeling Creek has been experiencing concrete cracking and seepage.
9,500,000 loan to construct a reverse osmosis treatment facility that will allow the effluent at the mine Shannopin Mine Pool in Dunkard Township to meet water quality standards, over and above the best available treatment standards currently being provided.
Contact: Lisa Bennett at 724-852-5278; $58,497 for the Dunkard Creek Watershed dump cleanup.
Rendell today announced an innovative project that will turn an environmental challenge into an economic opportunity by building a plant to pump and treat a polluted mine pool at the abandoned Shannopin Mine near Bobtown in Dunkard Township, Greene County.
GREENE COUNTY Dunkard Township - This $600,000 project will use 10 percent mining set- aside funds to pump the Shannopin Deep Mine pool and construct a treatment facility for about 3,500 GPM of mine water.
5 million settlement with Murray Energy for civil damages resulting from a devastating 2009 pollution incident in which discharges from a coal mine entered Dunkard Creek, contributing to a massive fish kill spanning nearly 30 miles of stream in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
Investigators determined that an inexperienced worker at Chevron's site in Dunkard Township of Greene County loosened a bolt without proper supervision, likely causing the well to leak and catch fire.
Broadly similar limestones within redbed-dominated intervals have been described from the Hastings Formation in western Cape Breton (Hamblin 2001) and the Dunkard Group of the Appalachian Basin (Montanez and Cecil 2013).