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an adherent of Baptistic doctrines (who practice baptism by immersion)

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At least 14 species of freshwater mussels--the river's entire population--were destroyed, wiping out nearly every aquatic species along a 35-mile stretch of Dunkard Creek.
The Shannopin Mine Dewatering Project, which was designed to prevent a catastrophic breakout of acid mine water from the abandoned Shannopin Mine into Dunkard Creek, was originally granted a permit allowing less stringent cleanup of the dangerous water.
The lax water cleanup standards were allowed originally to avert an emergency - an impending breakout of acid mine pollution from the abandoned Shannopin Mine that would have severely polluted miles of Dunkard Creek and the Monongahela River," said PennFuture Senior Attorney Kurt Weist.
7 - Alpha Natural Resources Amfire-Clymer 250 Alpha Natural Resources Amfire-Portage 300 Alpha Natural Resources Cumberland 1,600 Alpha Natural Resources Emerald 1,850 Cobra Mining Dunkard - CONSOL Energy Bailey Central 6,200 CONSOL Energy Eighty Four (Idle) 1,000 CONSOL Energy Keystone 800 Girard Estate Girardville (Idle) 350 High Quality Maple Creek (Idle) - Homer City Processing Homer City 1,200 ICS Energy Group, LLC WilsonCreek 40D Jericho Fuels Tipple 4J - Jill Mining Cunnard - Original Fuels Original Fuels 650 PBS Coals Inc.
Others joining in the submission are Clean Water Action, Friends of Dunkard Creek, Greene County Watershed Alliance, Izaak Walton League, Wheeling Creek Watershed Conservancy, Morgan Township, Morris Township, Waynesburg Borough, West Greene School District, Cornerstone Care, Forever Greene House, Hopkins Store, Red Barn Farm, Rush Funeral Home Inc.
2 and Loveridge underground mines in West Virginia caused a "total fish and mussel kill" in Dunkard Creek in September 2009.
As members of a splinter segment of the Dunkards, or German Baptist Brethren, established in 1708 by Alexander Mack, we were a minority presence in an overwhelmingly Orthodox and Roman Catholic community.
Dunkers, who practiced three-time immersion baptism, were also referred to as Tunkers, Dunkards, and Brethren.
Surely the members of the historic peace churches-Quakers, Dunkards, Mennonites and Brethren-were not advocated of such things.
In various parts of the United States, members of Anabaptist religious communities, Hutterites, Amish, Dunkards, Apostolic Christian, and Old Order Mennonites believe in the simple life and reject some or most of the modern world.
Dunkards opposed military service, but the Studebakers served their country in another way during the Civil War: they supplied thousands of wagons and gun caissons to the Union Army.
34) Elizabeth Dryfoos retains its linguistic features best: "You hain't never heared o' the Dunkards, I reckon .
Eventually the state hosted the Moravians, the Schwenkfelders, the Brethren (also known as the Dunkards, or Dunkers), and the more communal, esoteric Society of the Woman in the Wilderness and the Ephrata Community.
A sect that called itself the Dunkards had services in the schoolhouse, baptizing new members in the creek across the road.
German migration to North America began in the late 17th century with the arrival in Pennsylvania of Mennonite colonists, the forerunners of many groups of German Protestants--Amish, Dunkards, Moravians, and Schwenkfelders--who came to the New World during the next 150 years.