Dungeness crab

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flesh of Cancer magister (Dungeness crab)

small edible crab of Pacific coast of North America

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For example, for a Dungeness crab, being dragged briefly or simply tumbled over a groundline may not result in mortality, whereas for a sea whip, being uprooted and dragged by a trawl footrope may cause mortality.
Our San Francisco Style Crab Cake is made with Dungeness crab and Rock crab.
Loaded with Pacific Northwest Dungeness crab and gently mixed with butter, lemon juice, herbs and other fresh natural ingredients, the cakes are gently shaped and coated in bread crumbs.
Most of the Dungeness crab fisheries in Alaska are managed by regulating the size and sex of the crabs caught, and, in some places, the season of the harvest.
In addition, the Dungeness crab fishery operating in the wilderness waters of the bay has been closed, and the federal government has reimbursed those fishermen who have not relocated for economic losses because of the closure.
Another "species account" presents similar natural history information for the Dungeness and king crabs, along with historical data on the fisheries for them, harvest data, and current population trends cyclic patterns, usually, for the Dungeness crab and depletion of the king crab) and a discussion of crab management and recommendations, including taking another look at the possibility of reevaluating the usefulness of the ban on harvesting female crabs.
This rich, flavorful and succulent bisque is made with real cream, savory crab stock and Dungeness crab meat balanced with a blend of tomato, red bell pepper, cream corn and spices.
1, the recreational harvest of Dungeness crab in Oregon's bays and estuaries is open year round.
Lemon thyme panna cotta with Dungeness crab (below).
In the morning, diners enjoy smoked salmon and Dungeness crab eggs benedict with Wilcox Farm eggs, Cascioppo Bros.
Construction work is expected to be temporarily disturbed on Friday till Sunday due to Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival.
ABSTRACT The Dungeness crab is an important commercial and sports fishing species in Oregon.
And Dungeness crab meat wrapped in a cucumber tube ($12) with a grapefruit vinaigrette is an ultimate appetizer joy the next time.
Joe's Steampot - Delicious Dungeness crab, sweet Snow crab, boiled shrimp, smoked sausage, new potatoes and corn on the cob.
At his restaurant within a restaurant--you enter through the much more casual Block + Tackle fish house--chef-owner Trent Pierce (along with co-chef Patrick Schultz) presents the best of Northwestern seafood in such Asian- and French-influenced dishes as tuna tartare with shavings of frozen foie gras and poached Dungeness crab.