Dungeness crab

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flesh of Cancer magister (Dungeness crab)

small edible crab of Pacific coast of North America

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The Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) is a decapod crustacean that is widely distributed along the Pacific coast in North America from the Aleutian Islands in Alaska to southern California, inhabiting the continental shelf, estuaries, and inland fjords (Rasmuson 2013).
For more than twenty years, Haber and his wife have operated Happy Crab, a small processor specializing in live Dungeness crab and fresh crab meat.
Aquarium staff, volunteers and partner organizations, including the Dungeness Crab Commission, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and Oregon State Parks, will team up to tell crabs' stories.
The Dungeness crab, Metacarcinus magister Dana 1852 (formerly Cancer magister), is present in the coastal waters off the west coast of North America from Alaska to California.
Of those fisheries for which average annual fatality rates could be calculated, the Northeast multispecies groundfish fishery had the highest rate (600 deaths per 100,000 FTEs), followed by the Atlantic scallop fleet (including the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions) (425 deaths per 100,000 FTEs) and the West Coast Dungeness crab fleet (310 deaths per 100,000 FTEs) (Table 2).
Our San Francisco Style Crab Cake is made with Dungeness crab and Rock crab.
There's no way I'm going to have a restaurant in the Northwest and not serve Dungeness crab when its in season," Southcott said.
is introducing Dungeness Crab Cakes from the Pacific Northwest to select Bay Area and Northern California Costco freezers.
If so inclined, you can readily create a small-plates dinner from appetizers -- notably the lobster summer rolls and Dungeness crab cakes -- tempura selections and some delectable sushi rolls that are prepared to order.
Sleek banquettes provide the perfect backdrop to see and be seen, while an impressive sake list and quality dishes like white-asparagus salad with Dungeness crab will draw curious chowhounds.
The Dungeness crab (Cancer magister) fishery began in southeastern Alaska in 1916 and has been characterized by large fluctuations on annual and decadal scales (Orensanz et al.
Compared to the price of other crabmeat, the meat from Jonah and rock crab is a bargain," the entry notes, and it can be blended with more expensive Dungeness crab or used as a shrimp alternative in some recipes.
In addition, the Dungeness crab fishery operating in the wilderness waters of the bay has been closed, and the federal government has reimbursed those fishermen who have not relocated for economic losses because of the closure.
This paper describes the results of a series of field experiments and observations that examine the mechanisms underlying recruitment success of juvenile Dungeness crab, Cancer magister Dana, in intertidal oyster shell and mud habitats at various spatial scales.
The goal is to get restaurateurs to feature live Dungeness crab in their lobster tanks, and to offer their diners a taste of what many believe is the world's richest, best tasting crab.