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any of numerous beetles that roll balls of dung on which they feed and in which they lay eggs

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Result: Owls with dung decorations averaged 10 times as many dung-beetle meals.
When your wife nails her final poster of a Malaysian dung-beetle to the bathroom wall and weeps that there are no colourful prints sold by Ikea which are not already decorating the neighbours' homes, now is the time to unfurl this work of chivalrous grandeur.
Dung-beetle specialist Francois Genier of the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa says that because so many insects use polarized daylight, moonlight navigation "is the next logical step.
From the over-protective lily-trotter to the cunning dung-beetle, it is clear each fathering approach has its merits.
There is the loveable Mr and Mrs Dung-Beetle, butterflies who love falling in love and an assortment of multi-legged characters.
It is a well-known 'fact' that were it not for the dung-beetle, the world would be knee-deep in animal droppings, especially those of large herbivores like cows, rhinos and elephants which, because they eat more food, produce more waste.