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Synonyms for dune

Synonyms for dune

a ridge of sand created by the wind


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Plants and animals are more easily seen along a self-guiding nature trail on the edge of the dune field.
The result implies that Nili Patera could have formed in less than 10,000 years, an interpretation contrary to the long-standing idea that Mars's dune fields formed in a previous climate with a thicker atmosphere.
These aluminum silicate minerals eroded from the mountains surrounding the Kelso dune field, says Daniel R.
Using this technique, you could monitor other dune fields, or you could also follow a particular area over a longer time frame to see the seasonal or annual evolution of the sand dunes.
Alan Arbogast of the Department of Geography at Michigan State University is studying a specific dune field in Midland County and has kindly supplied me with the following information.
Focusing on the Arabia Terra and Meridiani regions, they measured migration rates of two groups of ripples in the sand in a dune field in Meridiani Planum and found that dunes advanced about 0.
In the most recent study, Bourke and her colleagues used vertical aerial photos and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data to estimate dune migration rates in Antarctica's Victoria Valley dune field.
The camera acquired images of a polar dune field 26 days apart in this past June and July, during spring in Mars's southern hemisphere.
The rover reached the dune field on the 1,174th Martian day, or sol, of its mission (late 2015 on Earth) and spent months navigating between them.
The grooves in this dune field, in the heart of the basin, squiggle as they run southeast, which give scientists a clue to how they form.
Namib and nearby mounds of dark sand are part of the "Bagnold Dune Field," which lines the northwestern flank of a layered mountain where Curiosity is examining rock records of ancient environmental conditions on Mars.
It is a must visit at least once in your life because the Saharan dune field of Erg Chebbi undulates along the southern Moroccan border, near the small Berber village of Merzouga.
Fort Nelson: unconsolidated deposits with good potential as frac sands include the aeolian deposits of the Fontas Dune Field southeast of Fort Nelson (Hickin and others, 2010).
In computer simulations of crashing dunes, barchans arranged themselves into patterns found in nature--evidence that collisions control dune field behavior, the team concludes August 7 in Geophysical Research Letters.
In case of the Namib Sand Sea, the nominated property is exceptional in relation to the diversity and scale of the dune formations, the pattern of colouration across the dune field and the contrast of textures, colour and form amongst different landscape elements in areas where different habitats meet, such as those associated with the intrusions of seasonal rivers or coastal features," he said.