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Synonyms for dune

Synonyms for dune

a ridge of sand created by the wind


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Two current meters were installed, 10 km to the southwest of the dune field by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, for a two year period, at 110 and 125 m water depth.
Since Middle and, especially, Late Holocene environmental sources proved quite hard to come by in the mountain ranges and dune fields, the focus of field research consequently moved to the adjacent imposing fluvial valleys and the evaluation of different sources of proxy environmental evidence.
Deal connects one of the largest, most scenic dune fields in North America
Narcoonowie quarry is unusual in that it is located in the heart of the Strzelecki dune field away from obvious sources of hard rock, and some 85 kilometres south of the main Innamincka quarry complex (Figure 1).
The shelf edge of the Great Barrier Reef has a complex network of drowned reef systems, paleoriver channels and dune fields.
Plants and animals are more easily seen along a self-guiding nature trail on the edge of the dune field.
A 193,000-square-mile (500,000-square-kilometer) region along the southern boundary of Titan's Belet dune field, as well as smaller areas nearby, had become darker.
Although much of the material in the Wahiba Sands dune field can be traced to the interior of the Arabian peninsula, which lies to the west and northwest, half of the dunes' material is composed of carbonate minerals that derived from organisms that lived in shallow water.
The general Saginaw Bay fossil dune field and dune soil area is outlined in
The first paper, by Ian McNiven, reports a cultural heritage management assessment of the Corroboree Beach dune field, Fraser Island.
This is the first time that we have full, quantitative measurement of an entire dune field on a planetary surface, as opposed to the localized manual measurements that were done before," Francois Ayoub, a co-author of the paper, said.
Since its acquisition of the 1996 properties on October 31, 1996, Titan has performed numerous well-bore remediation type workovers replacing rods, tubing, flow lines and surface equipment in the Eunice, Sand Hills Tubb, University Waddell and Dune Field areas.
Though still shifting southward, this big dune field is gradually stabilizing: you can see how it is being anchored by a creeping carpet of wild strawberry, sand verbena, and low willows.
The main active dune field covers an area of approximately 150 km2 (15,000 hectares), while the Quaternary basin, which flanks the main dune field, is approximately 100 km2 in size.
The largest crater in the pictures has a small central peak and contains a small dune field of darker-toned dunes to the east of its floor.