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a cone-shaped paper hat formerly placed on the head of slow or lazy pupils

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My dunce hat proclaimed, "Old hag Wen Zhengde, bourgeois academic authority" We monsters had to wear placards hanging by a very thin wire around our necks and over our chests.
However, it escapes the ignominy of being sent into a corner complete with dunce hat because it is a well-built, versatile MPV with a good range of standard equipment.
He's gonna have the asterisk and the dunce hat on for a while.
Shaista Rafiq If you have to take it more than once you should have to wear a dunce hat for the first 12 months when you do pass.
A dunce hat and copy of the A to Z of Famous Geordie Duos goes to the errant sub-editor responsible for that gaff, I mean gaffe.
Those who do not understand will be made to wear dunce hats.
Age-old recipes are livened up with village-idiot costumes, pointy straw dunce hats, wind milling and lashings of giddy japery.