dunce cap

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a cone-shaped paper hat formerly placed on the head of slow or lazy pupils

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To be fair, the 'tree' does have elements of a silver dunce's hat to it.
Just sending somebody to a room in a school or putting the dunce's hat on does not resolve the problem.
feeling likes Murray Lions " When sporting connoisseurs look back on the summer of 2013, they will recall Leigh Halfpenny's golden boot, Andy Murray booking his statue at Wimbledon, Jimmy Anderson turning the Baggy Green into a dunce's hat and Justin Rose's triumph in the US Open.
In 1993, he wore the dunce's hat as at Wembley when - still a mere teenager - his penalty shoot-out miss contributed to his old club Crewe losing a Division Three play-off final to York.
After six of the best it's normal to be smarting in the corner with a dunce's hat wedged on the head.
It's government ministers who should be wearing the dunce's hat, not the poor unfortunates they would have us leave behind.
All five central defenders are also shortlisted with Luis Marin, skipper but no leader, sporting the dunce's hat on his shiny bonce.
Another child with learning difficulties was made to walk in the playground wearing a dunce's hat and a card around his neck, which was terrible and something that has stayed with me throughout the years.
Another worker claimed one of the sales staff was forced to stand in a corner wearing a dunce's hat and singing a song.
A media boss humiliated staff and made one person stand in a corner wearing a dunce's hat.
My spy, now in the corner wearing the dunce's hat, claimed the bidding for tea with John and his wife in the Lord Mayor's Parlour had stopped at pounds 25 whereupon the offer had to be withdrawn.
They took great joy getting the dunce's hat ready and wondering just how many questions I would get right - or rather how many I would get wrong.
Steve McClaren's alchemy turned them from awful last week to awesome on Saturday, and Jose Mourinho will be forced to wear the dunce's hat in the classroom corner for a few days yet.
Psychology student Stuart was forced to wear a dunce's hat and stand in the corner.