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Scottish painter

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Revolutionary: Phoebe Fox as Vanessa Bell, James Norton as Duncan Grant and Lydia Leonard as Virginia Woolf in Life In Squares
Vanessa, who has two sons in an open marriage with Clive Bell, falls madly in love with Duncan Grant immediately after seeing him kiss her brother.
Did David Garnett, long time homosexual lover of Duncan Grant, really marry Angelica the daughter of Grant's exploration of heterosexuality with Vanessa Bell, who she pretended was the child of Clive Bell her ex-husband who lived with them?
Duncan Grant, 61, and Allan Waters, 58, committed the sex acts at a shelter for street children which Grant had set up in Bombay.
A former art history professor, Watney has written several titles on art, including a study of British painter Duncan Grant (John Murray, 1990), and is currently working on The Future of the Past: A Defense of Museums, a book on the changing face of the art institution, to be published next winter.
The Art of Bloomsbury'' for the first time traces the artistic development and relationships of painters Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Roger Fry, three of the influential group whose members included novelists Virginia Woolf - Bell's sister - and E.
This includes curtains by Duncan Grant (or Vanessa Bell), doors and chimney-pieces painted with blobs and croquet-hoops by Vanessa Bell (or Duncan Grant), furniture of every style except the Tudor and modernistic .
Lydia Keynes getting herself lost on a hot July day and being found after anxious search crouched naked in the refrigerator; and the sardonic words scrawled on the Charleston outhouse where Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant used to paint together day after day, and where Angelica is thought to have been conceived: Les Miserables.
One of our main priorities when we were looking at new web platforms was to select a vendor that could deliver fast and stable performance during busy shopping periods," said Duncan Grant, business development manager, The Entertainer.
Indeed, his artist friend Duncan Grant (James Norton) is worried he's got no social skills, and is concerned about his homosexual urges.
Other key members of the tightly-knit group were the economist John Maynard Keynes, Lytton Strachey, a brilliant writer and biographer, Clive Bell the influential art critic, E M Forster who wrote Passage to India, painter Duncan Grant and the novelist Virginia Woolf.
The young thespian, soon to appear in Grantchester, will also be in BBC2's Life In Squares playing late gay artist Duncan Grant.
Forster (who fell in love with a burly, married policeman), the painter Duncan Grant, Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry, Dora Carrington, Lytton Strachey (with whom Carrington was hopelessly in love, but who preferred, beautiful, clever young men) and J.
Notable names included Duncan Grant, Paul Nash, Barbara Hepworth, Vanessa Bell and Dame Laura Knight.