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a legislative body in the ruling assembly of Russia and of some other republics in the former USSR

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80) Ryleev's first major work, titled Dumy (Meditations), was a direct imitation of Niemcewicz's Spiewy bistoryczne (Historical Songs).
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He gave expression to the former in his dumy, meditations on philosophical issues clearly sparked by his exposure to his educated friends' discussions about the latest trends in German idealism.
4-7 NIE (Newspapers In Education) 2000 Conference: Crossroads & Connections, Newspaper Association of America Foundation, Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers, New York dummy copy here dumy copy
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Their epic ballads, or dumy (plural of duma), are considered the "original" and traditional bandura repertoire (Wytwycky 1984: 171).
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Its most influential embodiment was Alexander Herzen's Byloe i dumy (My Life and Thoughts), which became the model for several successive generations of Russian diarists and autobiographers.
18) Here as elsewhere it is not clear just which "narod" Zimin has in mind; he immediately goes on to speak ofUkrainian dumy and laments.
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