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Sumerian and Babylonian god of pastures and vegetation


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This identification of Dumuzi with the stars of the Plowman isn't as arbitrary as it might seem: Preceding Dumuzi (luHun-ga) "In the Path of the Moon" is Anunitum, an epithet for the fertility goddess Inanna/Ishtar, spouse of Dumuzi, who therefore occupied the stars of the Northern Fish of Pisces.
eye of death on Dumuzi and sent him to the underworld in her place.
She picks her husband, Dumuzi, mainly because he hasn't mourned her properly, and some feathered harpies drag the farmer-god down, kicking and screaming.
The concept of a virus as the source was beginning to influence people-hence metaphors such as dumuzi (a tiny maize borer), mulubi, (a)kauka (an insect), and akajuju (the itching poisonous larva).
Inanna's rage against Dumuzi contrasts with the beautiful erotic lyrics that describe their early marriage; intervening events that destroyed her love are apparently missing from the Sumerian text.
Dumuzi tried to escape the demons, but they found and beat him, stripped him naked, and took him to the underworld.
So for instance when Aphrodite's prototype Inanna seduces Dumuzi, she prepares by picking `ribbons of gold' that she puts `in her hair of the head' and `narrow gold ear-rings';(23) similar scenes precede the encounter between Shamhat and Enkidu and Ninsun's appeal to Shamash on behalf of her son in the Epic of Gilgamesh.
In a hymn celebrating the sacred marriage that stimulates fruitfulness in the landscape each year, Inanna describes her body as a field to be ploughed by her bridegroom Dumuzi, and he sings in response,
Each spring the king and a priestess, representing Dumuzi and Inanna (Tammuz and Ishtar), would participate in this "sacred marriage rite" for the purpose of restoring life to nature?
Dumuzi also is a central figure in a myth in which he, a shepherd, disputes with the farmer - god Enkimdu for the favor of Inanna.
APIN confirms that the Day Laborer is the god Dumuzi, a fertility god and divine personification of cyclical renewal.
His earliest known form was the Sumerian shepherd - god Dumuzi.
Sefati, Love Songs in Sumerian Literature: Critical Edition of the Dumuzi Inanna Songs (Ramat Gan: Bar-IIan Univ.
18) When she is subsequently resurrected through a trick contrived by the god Enki, a trick notably unavailable to Apsu as Ea is his killer in Enuma elis, it falls upon the unfortunate Dumuzi to take his wife's place in the netherworld.