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Sumerian and Babylonian god of pastures and vegetation


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In a reversal of the power stimulated by the sacred conjunction of Inanna and Dumuzi, Enkidu is robbed of his strength and of his bond with the natural world by sexual experience with a harlot sent by the gods to humanize him.
In a hymn celebrating the sacred marriage that stimulates fruitfulness in the landscape each year, Inanna describes her body as a field to be ploughed by her bridegroom Dumuzi, and he sings in response,
Whether his stripping is meant to humiliate Dumuzi, in addition to preparing him for his impending death, is not always clear.
Bahrani cites as support the images on the Stele of Vultures and the Royal Standard of Ur and the accounts of the stripping of Inana and Dumuzi in the literary texts, Inana's Descent to the Netherworld among them.
The opera's main deity is Inanna, the lusty Sumerian queen of heaven and earth, who gains most of her powers by getting the god of wisdom drunk After admiring her own "wondrous vulva," she beds down with the farmer Dumuzi, thus symbolically enacting the union of divine power and the staff of life.
However, the association of Inana's gaining the me with her conjugal relations with the royal incarnation of Dumuzi may be parallel to the fragmentary opening of Inana and Enki.
Another interpretation has recently suggested that the subscript refers to a special category of declamation and that songs containing this subscript and belonging to the cycle of Dumuzi-Inana songs "were probably written for recitation during the rite of the sacred marriage of Dumuzi and Inana" (Sefati 1998: 25).
In ancient Mesopotamia there were sacred hymns that recounted the courtship and marriage of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, and Dumuzi, the Shepherd-King of Uruk.
Not only is KUR, "east" and "mountain," also the word for "Netherworld," but it is to be remembered that Inanna travels eastward to reach the Netherworld on her descent, [2] and that Adapa on his visit to Anu in heaven curries favor with the well-known Netherworld divinities Dumuzi and Ningizzida by claiming that his unkempt hair and mourning dress are worn because they have left the land.
To the other paradoxes in the figure of the goddess of love and war, one has to add her role as lover of the shepherd Dumuzi and as destroyer of domestic animals.
25] This occurs in a difficult context where Inanna and the band of demonized deputies have just discovered Dumuzi and she is about to condemn him.
Some of the songs are very likely to be elaborations of actual women's songs; and Inana and Dumuzi may well have been the paradigmatic couple of secular love poetry (p.
The gods that loom largest in Mettinger's discussions are Baal and Dumuzi, since these have the most abundant data (Osiris is treated as a special case, since his resurrection is in the world of the dead).
The MNs that do appear in OB documents are the same as several which also appear in the Sippar calendar: Dumuzi, Abum, Eluli (related to Ululu?
The recent edition of the compositions concerned with the relations between Inanna and Dumuzi by Yitschak Sefati provides an occasion to revisit some important Assyriological questions concerning literature, ritual, and language.