Dumpy level

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a surveyor's level having a short telescope fixed to a horizontally rotating table and a spirit level

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It progressed from Dumpy level to split bubble and then self-aligning automatic level followed by electronic level reading a bar coded leveling stuff.
Despite the incompatibility in equipment a lack of communication between a dumpy level and a smartphone and the necessity to enter measurements manually--the application of such technology seems to be well-founded as it allows for remote processing and sharing of data using optical levelling instrument and a mobile application.
The eyepiece level is a small, handheld version of the dumpy level.
A dumpy level will also contain a horizontal scale for measuring horizontal angles.
Tenders are invited for Sokkia, Make Auto Dumpy Level Model B-40 With Telescopic Stand And 4Mtr Leveling Stuff.
Needle vibrator (Electrically operated ),Sieve Shaker (Electrically operated ) For 12 sieves,CBR Apparatus (complete accessories),Accelerated Curing Tank(for 6 moulds),Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus,Aggregate Impact Value Apparatus,Vee-Bee Consistometer,Standard Penetration Apparatus (SPT) Direct Shear Apparatus (Electrically operated , 12 speed)Unconfined Compression Testing Machine,Mashal Stability Test Apparatus Dumpy Level 300mm with stand,Table vibrator(for 6 moulds)
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Willy Grinder or Laboratory Willy Mill, Autoclave -Vertical, Soil Core Sampler, Geographic positioning system, Laboratory Refrigerator, Double Beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, pH Meter, Vernier Transit Theodolite and its Accessories, Automatic Level along with accessories, Dumpy Level, Aluminum Leveling Staff, Prismatic Compass, etc.
Dumpy level 12"IF in wooden box with telescopic aluminum stand in case
Laser Levels USA also carries other land surveying instruments and equipment such as total stations, theodolites, dumpy levels, tripods, and grade rods.
Laser Levels USA also carries other land surveying instruments and equipment such as total stations, theodolites, automatic levels, dumpy levels, tripods, and grade rods.