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truck whose contents can be emptied without handling

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The French dumptruck announced her retirement in that hotbed of tennis - Mason, Ohio.
Department of Justice Environmental Crimes Section, the pair violated the law by knowingly discharging "multiple dumptruck loads of rock and other material" into the channel without a permit.
However, the man who has really burst on the scene this term is Ponty's Gethin Jenkins, with his mighty scrummaging and dumptruck tackling.
But there were all these guys - Dumptruck and Snot and Tiger - and they were maniacs.
The booming construction business and home-improvement craze have turned the four-year-old company--which rents everything from small hand tools for do-it-yourselfers to backhoes for general contractors--into the 70-ton dumptruck of the equipment rental industry.
Items 1-3, for use in Dumptruck H3-6427 WO # 2014-03-025 ; Items 4-6, for use in Dumptruck H3
Ziller estimates that it took 10 dumptruck loads of fill that included 600-pound boulders 2 to 3 feet in diameter to build the dam.
Contract awarded for Supply/Delivery of spare parts for the use in the replacement of tire for Isuzu 10 wheeler dumptruck assigned in the Maintenance Section, DPWH-SCDEO, Koronadal City, South Cotabato
The YMCA and the Fair Board must also resolve what to do with all that dirt in the building - 213 dumptruck loads - during the 10 months when synthetic turf is the preferred surface, Wong said.
purchase two police vehicles 91,700 East Deer Township to purchase equipment 7,000 East McKeepsort VFC #2 to repair fire pumps 5,000 Etna Borough Volunteer Fire Department to purchase fire equipment 20,000 Family House for operating costs 25,000 Forest Hills Borough to replace a dumptruck for public works 15,000 Franklin Park Borough to purchase speed monitoring awareness radar 5,000 Girls Hope of Pittsburgh Inc.
The InfoLeap team has been recognized many times for their ability to organize a dumptruck of complex information into a meaningful and manageable bucket.
Contract awarded for Supply/Delivery of differential carrier assembly for use in the repair of differential carrier of dumptruck GSL-577 assinged in the Maintenance Section
The label's bands all have a guitar-driven indie rock sound, and include Fiver, Cole Marquis, Rodriguez, Shallow, Snowmen, Dumptruck, and Half Film.
John Prescott: The Dumptruck is the most outrageous mouth in Westminster but popular with it.
We started bringing in dumptruck loads of fill dirt on July 19," Brinson said.