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a container designed to receive and transport and dump waste

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com)-- For home- and business owners in the greater Orlando area who need to rent a dumpster as part of a cleanup or cleanout project, it will soon be easier to find the right roll-off dumpster rental company for the job.
As a side note, this is actually the second dumpster we have rented.
Up until this point, consumers either had to rent a dumpster or haul their debris to a disposal site.
Lot 1: supply of 30 pieces of waste / Press dumpster for the purpose of dressing waste recycling SE-dostbayern (ZAS).
display prominently to people who are searching the Web for dumpster rentals and related services in and around New Rochelle.
The same service will be provided by Ravenswood Dumpster Rental.
Home- and business owners who need dumpster rentals and other clean out services in Pittsburgh will now have a greater likelihood of finding Ameri-Bin, LLC, via an Internet search query.
Supply contract relating to the acquisition and maintenance of two trucks with a dumpster for bulky waste category.
They want to move the Dumpster here, and it is right under our bedroom windows," Mrs.
All the advice in it was compiled in detailed interviews with experts in specific dire straits, from emergency childbirth to jumping from a five-story building into a dumpster.
Sources say that at least one so-called "competitive intelligence" company engaged in dumpster diving in an attempt to glean information on Unilever's hair care business; P&G confirms instances of dumpster diving.
Leonti Recycling LLC offers dumpster rentals and other trash removal services in and around Bergen County.
One of the problems we are facing is that it appears that this was inside a huge Dumpster and we don't know what else is in the Dumpster,'' Tolbert said.
NYSE: AFM) station, today announced the conclusion of its latest contest `*NStink for *NSync', due to declining health conditions including maggots, and other vermin which were found in the dumpster.