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2001 - Circle R FlexCorner - Eliminates cracking in the corners of the dump body
Butsch says the plastic dump body has several advantages over steel.
As with most fragmented industries, consolidation was inevitable, especially given the recent economic downturn; dump body production had decreased by an estimated 40% between 2006 and 2011.
Field demonstrations will begin this spring in the Pacific Northwest and Ohio, the latter to include a T880 with OSW dump body that was part of the Kenworth Mid-America Trucking Show booth.
And this easy-to-use debris removal system can be operated safely where overheard obstructions may present difficulty for traditional dump body hydro excavators.
com) announces the new XL Bertha[TM] 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC-5000 dump body vibrator.
It has a slide-in sander that is inserted onto the dump body and chained down, he said.
The TM 9-2320-303-series covers your M915A4, and TM 5-3805-264-14&P covers the dump body for your M917A1, M917A2, M917A1 w/MCS, and M917A2 w/MCS.
This new compact proportional air cylinder designed specifically to operate any hydraulic directional control valve is used on equipment such as refuse trucks, snowplows, winch trucks, utility bodies, cranes, dump body and dump trailers.
subsidiary, which operates as part of the Company's Electronics and Hydraulics Group, provides single- and double-acting telescopic and piston rod hydraulic cylinders to truck manufacturers for the dump trailer and dump body industry.
Tenders are invited for Repairing, Modification And Fabrication Of Dump Body As Water Tanker/Sprinkler For Water Spraying Of Dumper Sl.
5 cubic yard debris dump body to its line of Mud Dog products.
Use the dump body support braces (bedlocks) to hold the bed up and keep pressure off the dump body's main hydraulic cylinder.
Sales and earnings were significantly affected by a slowdown in the E-Z Pack and Galion Dump Body divisions, which began during the third quarter of fiscal 2000.
In addition, the company was donating a Kenworth vehicle equipped with a dump body to assist in the clean-up efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake.