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Synonyms for dumb

unable to speak


  • unable to speak
  • mute
  • without the power of speech


dumb something down


  • trivialize
  • sensationalize
  • make shallow
  • make superficial
  • make trivial
  • make frivolous
  • make less intelligent

Synonyms for dumb

lacking the power or faculty of speech

temporarily unable or unwilling to speak, as from shock or fear

Synonyms for dumb

slow to learn or understand

Related Words

temporarily incapable of speaking

lacking the power of human speech

unable to speak because of hereditary deafness

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They will raise inevitable concerns about a dumbing down of standards.
Mr Kennedy, who also pledged to scrap tuition top-up fees, conceded there might be fewer students taking these courses as a result, but added: 'Our universities should not be in the business of dumbing down.
While many of us moan about TV dumbing down, attempts like this to dumb-up, as it were, leave you confused about whether to start laughing or cramming.
I've gotten married a couple of times, but unfortunately I haven't had a real marriage yet - Actress Jennifer Lopez, right, who is poised to wed Ben Affleck Guns would not be a funky fashion accessory if we brought back capital punishment - nobody looks cool hanging from the end of a rope - Author and TV arts pundit Tony Parsons' solution to Britain's so-called ``gun culture'' Allegations of dumbing down get right up my nose - BBCs 10 O'Clock News anchorman Huw Edwards rebutting claims by former war correspondent and MP Martin BellFine for parking here - Sign in a street which is puzzling Dubliners Like every working woman, I need a wife - TV presenter Fiona Phillips
Church leaders should urge the BBC to avoid dumbing down religion, a Midland Tory MP told the Commons yesterday.
There is a direct correlation between this and the dumbing down of California education.
Later, a spokesman said: "Mr McAveety said he did not wish to be seen to be dumbing down.
INTRIGUE and in-fighting were back at the heart of Formula One last night as Williams and McLaren accused the governing body of dumbing down the sport.
No one is hurt more by this dumbing down of the curriculum than the students themselves: Not only are high schoolers required to read low-quality, politically correct books - the literary equivalent of junk food that will be outdated the moment the next fad rolls around - but they're also deprived of the exhilarating pleasure of reading and discussing the truly great books of our tradition, exploring the minds of the writers who built Western civilization, as Betsy Potts' high school students do.
Editor Lauren Hill said: "We can only conclude Britain is dumbing down.
Do not despair, America - for you can count on Britain, your trusted ally, to be dumbing down just as quickly as you are.
THE head of a leading public school has accused exam chiefs of dumbing down GCSEs.
They are too restrictive and it results in dumbing down education.
Since then he has been critical of the Beeb for dumbing down but, ironically, his return will be on down-market Channel 5.
Congress, with the aid of some of our fine Republican representatives, has perpetuated it by passing the Careers Act, the tool for implementing this agenda for dumbing down America.