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Synonyms for dumbbell

Synonyms for dumbbell

an exercising weight

an ignorant or foolish person

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features total body workout exercises led by personal trainer and fitness club owner Jari Love using barbells, dumbells, and body weight.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Dumbells Rods Plates And Misc Equipment For Multi Gym At District Park, Sarita Vihar
BEHIND her, holding the doors, Dai Dumbells and his glamorous missus wore leather-look togas, a pair of bickering gladiators.
com Degree Show Purchase Prize, and has recently exhibited at Drop the Dumbells, a new gallery and experimental music venue.
1 Start with your feet hip width apart, a slight bend in your knees, stomach muscles held in tight, arms by your sides, palm of the hand facing up holding the dumbells, with your elbows in by your sides.
I'm sure the programme is scientifically sound but the average home does not have space for the exercise bench, stability ball, dumbells, barbells and medicine ball required to properly do the excercises, nor the vast patio needed for some of the more active routines.
Hold dumbells or bottles of water by your feet with your palms facing each other.
A Chrissie Gallagher-Mundy from the Academy of Personal Fitness says: Try to build muscle tone by using a light-weight pair of dumbells and build up to 15-20 repetitions in each position.
Premier Athletic leaped above Dumbells and Shed End after a 5-2 verdict against Bedworth Pavilion.
I also do a lot of boring things like sit-ups and exercising with dumbells.