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Synonyms for dumbbell

Synonyms for dumbbell

an exercising weight

an ignorant or foolish person

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Mr Dumbell said Ruthin Castle Limited had had heavy investment in recent years and the change should minimise disruption to staff, suppliers and customers.
Douglas Eglin and Glen Dumbell, of Puschka, at their pop-up restaurant; inset, the interior of the Rodney Street venue Inset picture: COLIN LANE
Then he laid out the tools he intended to use on his victim like a surgeon preparing for an operation, including a rope, hammer, gun, knife and metal dumbells.
When two of the islands banks (Bank of Mona and Dumbell & Howard) were forced to stop making payments.
Bustard claimed he stabbed Mr Davidson in self-defence as he was attacked with a knife and hit on the head with a dumbell, but the Crown said it was impossible to determine exactly what happened due to "inconsistencies" given by Bustard in evidence.
Control F1 managing director Andy Dumbell said: "We were delighted to win the opportunity to work on the Visit York branded app at last year's VentureFest.
KDT chief executive Steve Dumbell said: "Our aim in launching these products for micro companies is to be able to cater for businesses at every stage in their development.
The 40-year-old cannabis smoker used a dumbell to force the pensioner to reveal the PIN of his credit cards and, just minutes after the killing, he was using them to withdraw money.
Internal changes have seen John Dumbell promoted to product manager for the tray sealing product group, while promotion for Mark Leaning sees him taking on the same role for the pot sealing and filling product group.
He appeared at Cardiff Crown Court for hitting a woman across the head with a metal dumbell bar at a party and has previous convictions for arson, assault and criminal damage.
However, after being led through a dumbell session and 230 sit-ups by fitness fan Dean, Brian, 23, moaned: "I feel like I've given birth to something.
Paul Dumbell starred in their demolition of Heath Hall, winning with a break of 55, while Anthony Jeffers also won convincingly.
Owners Douglas Eglin and Glen Dumbell treated guests to Champagne cocktails at the A Foundation Building, in Greenland Street, before directing them into a disused warehouse space next door for dinner.
It's the leg version of what Cameron Diaz's arms should look like, and probably did 856,978 repetitions of a dumbell ago.
Take a dumbell or a bottle of water in your right hand and bring your elbow up to your side (so it is at 90 degrees) and your upper arm is parallel with the floor.