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Synonyms for dumbbell

Synonyms for dumbbell

an exercising weight

an ignorant or foolish person

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Mr Dumbell is also calling on all those involved in the early days of the development trust to get in touch in advance of the September anniversary celebrations.
Mr Dumbell said Ruthin Castle Limited had had heavy investment in recent years and the change should minimise disruption to staff, suppliers and customers.
This was later disproved by Professor Dumbell, who found that the virus she was carrying differed from common strains of smallpox but was not one of the six.
Then he laid out the tools he intended to use on his victim like a surgeon preparing for an operation, including a rope, hammer, gun, knife and metal dumbells.
The hysteresis loss was determined according to ASTM D412 (1980) by stretching dumbell specimens to the desired strain level.
Dr Steve Goldup, Associate Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry, and his team have developed a catalyst with significantly enhanced properties based on a rotaxane, in which a gold catalyst is embedded in the cavity formed by threading a ring shaped molecule around a dumbell shaped axle.
Trust chief executive Steve Dumbell said: "In the context of Government cuts, the need for the services we provide is now more important than ever.
This is our busiest year yet," says Douglas Eglin, who, along with Glen Dumbell, owns Puschka.
Still in the show only by virtue of the ineptitude of the SCD voting system (saved by the dumbell if you like), Chambers has no right to be odds-on favourite at 5-6.
The 40-year-old cannabis smoker used a dumbell to force the pensioner to reveal the PIN of his credit cards and, just minutes after the killing, he was using them to withdraw money.
Internal changes have seen John Dumbell promoted to product manager for the tray sealing product group, while promotion for Mark Leaning sees him taking on the same role for the pot sealing and filling product group.
He appeared at Cardiff Crown Court for hitting a woman across the head with a metal dumbell bar at a party and has previous convictions for arson, assault and criminal damage.
However, after being led through a dumbell session and 230 sit-ups by fitness fan Dean, Brian, 23, moaned: "I feel like I've given birth to something.
UCP's most famous product is the Dumbell spanner and it sells almost pounds 1 million of cycle parts and accessories a year.
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Link Taxi Track From C To Rw Dumbell And Allied Works At Af Stn Bamrauli