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a small elevator used to convey food (or other goods) from one floor of a building to another

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He spoke not a word, but the foxy old elf just walked to the mantel and laid on the shelf a letter, typewritten in businesslike style; then down the dumb-waiter he sped with a smile.
This latest offering was the spookiest yet, with demon possessed children, human sacrifices and a particularly vicious dumb-waiter.
TYCOON Dermot Desmond, pictured, has been allowed to keep his dumb-waiter at his Dublin mansion by the planning authorities.
99) Sara Wilby, talented swimmer, sister, daughter and new employee at Global Hotels, climbs into the dumb-waiter and falls to her death - a bizarre accident that links all the characters in this highly original novel.
Dumb-waiters, or service lifts, are useful for conveying the food or the dirty plates, but not both as environmental health regulations don't allow it.