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a small elevator used to convey food (or other goods) from one floor of a building to another

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The Dumb Waiter runs at Rugby College from October 21 to October 23 at 7pm.
A Queen Anne-style wing armchair with walnut cabriole front supports made pounds 620 with a three-tier circular dumb waiter making pounds 580.
A formal dining room is serviced from the kitchen via a dumb waiter system.
There is also a former store/preparation area with fridge freezers and dumb waiter, leading up to a first floor bakery, walk in freezer/fridge, office, shower room/toilets, and kitchenette.
This will be the first time Pinter has directed in Birmingham, although the Rep has staged many of his plays and he even set one -The Dumb Waiter -in the city.
They are staging Pinter's drama The Dumb Waiter on Friday and Saturday before the bulldozers move in on the 60-seater space at Bond Street.
The cooking is evidently done in an upstairs kitchen and sent down by dumb waiter.
Former Royal Shakespeare Company actor, Derrick O'Connor has teamed up with former Royal National Theatre actor, Michael O'Hagan, to produce "The Dumb Waiter," a stage play by Harold Pinter.
Sh: Comprehensive Maintenance For Lifts At Hospital, Opd Block, Pharmacy Block At Jipmer, Puducherry And Dumb Waiter At National Archives Of India Make Kone
Set in 12 acres of olive groves and lavender near Viterbo, in central Italy, the structure features a four-poster bed and a built-in dumb waiter to deliver breakfast to guests.
I have three productions going out - No Offence at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, on December 10; The Dorothy Squires Story at The Riverfront, Newport on December 11 and at the Park and Dare Theatre, Treorchy on December 12; and The Dumb Waiter at Chapter from December 16 to 20.
Doyle Lift Services Ltd had sought judgment against No 10 Restaurant & Bistro Limited and Marcus and Martin Sweeney for EUR7,000 in relation to the installation of a dumb waiter.
Copies of The Birmingham Post have been sent to the Schloss Theatre in Celle, where a production of Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter is being played.
A full passenger lift could be installed in a cavity which was formerly a dumb waiter and this could service all floors.
However, it's a pretty tricky thing to be able to cook food expertly and transport it up one floor, presumably by dumb waiter, where it is expected to be served hot and perfect to awaiting diners.