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French writer remembered for his swashbuckling historical tales (1802-1870)

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But Duplessis became a novel, an opera, a ballet, and her legend comes down to us, from Dumas fils, as a woman who was beloved.
8) Le Demi-Monde was a play by Dumas fils that premiered in 1855, Edouard Thierry (1813-1894) was administrateur of the Comedie-Francaise.
But Smith is less interested in the man's professional life than he is in Dumas's personal struggles: the loss at an early age of his father, a mulatto general who served with great distinction under Napoleon Bonaparte; his unhappy upbringing by a mother left destitute when the elder Dumas was cheated out of his military pension; fortunes won and lost (mostly lost} during his long career as a successful playwright/novelist; his endless search for love and sensual gratification under the skirts of an endless series of women; the slurs he sometimes suffered as a Frenchman of mixed race; and, chiefly, the stormy but affectionate relationship between Dumas and his illegitimate son, Alexandre Dumas fils, who won his own spot in the romantic parthenon with La Dame aux Camelias.
Some nine months later, Alexandre Dumas fils came into the world.
Contemporary authors are well represented: Jacques Roubaud has an entry as long as Dumas fils.
Her mother, jealous of her rivals, presided over a literary circle frequented by Heredia, Dumas fils, Leconte de Lisle, et cetera.
Camille Alternate name of the fictional character Marguerite Gautier, protagonist of La Dame aux camelias (1848; staged 1852) by Alexandre Dumas fils.
Borges didn't invent that particular solution to the problem posed by the eternal triangle; much earlier Dumas fils had come up with the same formulation, Tuez la femme.
In June 1847, the 23-year old Dumas fils set out to write a novel loosely based on his brief love affair with Marie Duplessis, the most sought after courtesan of the day who had died of consumption four months earlier.
PARIS A Theatre Marigny, Robert Hossein and Gilbert Coullier Organisation presentation of a play in two acts by Rene de Ceccatty, adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas fils.
Although his father had written colorful historical plays and novels, Dumas fils specialized in drama set in the present.
Similarly, substantial excerpts from the necrologies written at the occasion of Gautier's death by three of the correspondents (Alexandre Dumas fils, Arsene Houssaye, and Charles Yriarte) are offered, providing little-known yet widely held contemporary appreciations of Gautier.
Dumas fils Ryan Artzberger Victor Hugo Peter Aylward General/Alexis Leon Addison Brown Napoleon Jay K.
He was the father of the dramatist and novelist Alexandre Dumas, called Dumas fils.