Old English sheepdog

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large sheepdog with a profuse shaggy bluish-grey-and-white coat and short tail

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To find out more, including facts and figures about the Dulux dog over the years, go to www.
Q I HAVE a ceramic Dulux dog sitting with paw on a tin of ICI paint.
A DOG'S LIFE: Lewis the Dulux dog, who has appeared in seven of the famous | |commercials, made a guest appearance at Taskers store in Aintree yesterday
AkzoNobel's Ashington site gave a financial donation, brought the famous Dulux dog, organised a colour competition for youngsters and gave away mugs and goodie bags.
Peppa Pig and Fireman Sam, as well as the Dulux Dog, entertained the children while celebrity chef Martin Blunos and 60 Minute Makeover's Richard Randall gave live demonstrations.
The famous Dulux Dog attended the groundbreaking ceremony to represent one of AkzoNobel's most iconic brands, which also include Polycell, Cuprinol and Hammerite.
The famous Dulux dog will be attending the groundbreaking ceremony to represent one of AkzoNobel's best-known brands, which also include names such as Polycell, Cuprinol and Hammerite.
It's on TV, too, with the Dulux dog and Milkybar kid tapping into our nostalgia.
To me you're like the Dulux dog of rugby, a cuddly and loyal companion with muscle to spare who may need a trim now and again.
So the nine-year-old was happy to get a visit in hospital from Don - TV's Dulux dog.
Lynn's starter arrived a little after - steamed Vietnamese rice flour pancakes of such a brilliant whiteness that I half expected the Dulux dog to waddle up to the table in their wake.
Dulux has become a household name, thanks in part to the Dulux dog advertising triumph, which started with the old English sheepdog Shepton Dash in 1963.
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