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a woman who is a man's sweetheart

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Inicialmente Dulcinea es el resultado de una mera convencion, el caballero necesita encontrar una dama de quien enamorarse: "porque el caballero andante sin amores era arbol sin hojas y sin fruto y cuerpo sin alma.
Cuando Gines de Pasamonte y el resto de forzados, son liberados, el Quijote les pide que se presenten ante Dulcinea del Toboso, en nombre del Caballero de la Triste Figura, que es como lo habia bautizado Sancho a don Quijote, con su anuencia.
Matt Goldthwaite, marketing manager for Dulcinea, explains," The big difference in Dulcinea is that most other produce companies develop fruit with the farmer in mind.
When the sad-faced knight resolves in the Sierra Morena to imitate the crazy actions of the love-lorn Amadis in order for Sancho to be able to report his love distraction to Dulcinea, the squire asks his master why he should do such things?
Dulcinea is a name that means "sweet one," from the story of Don Quixote--whose theology of optimism caused him to see only beauty in a woman with a checkered past.
He cites U2's The Joshua Tree and Toad the Wet Sprocket's Dulcinea as his two most important musical influences.
Ellos querian voltear la dictadura y establecer --permitame la metafora-- una Democracia Dulcinea.
In his last surviving letter to Dulcinea he confessed that he would be content returning to his wife and his quiet prewar existence.
Indeed, key to Quixote's love for the divinely beautiful Dulcinea, Higuera argues, are strains of eros and agape rooted in the Spanish mysticism of St.
Gerhard uses this tune for the episode of Don Quixote's dream in which Dulcinea reveals herself as a vulgar peasant girl, though he refuses to recognize it.
Dulcineain full Dulcinea del TobosoFictional character in the picaresque novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.
Scholar after scholar is taken to task for shameful errors and base scantings of this unlikely Dulcinea.
Concrete is like Don Quixote's Dulcinea, only colder.
Aldonza Lorenzo, a sweaty peasant girl of Toboso, whom Don Quixote idealizes under the name of Dulcinea del Toboso; he chooses her to be his Queen of Love and Beauty, the inspiration of his knightly questing.
Her real name is Aldonza Lorenzo, but the knight dubs her Dulcinea del Toboso.