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The members of Primo Seicento are Doug Sears, cornetto; Bodie Pfost, sackbut; Kate Rogers, baroque violin; Jim Rich, dulcian and bass voice; Anna Seitz Rikli, soprano; Heather Holmquist, soprano; and Margret Gries, organ and director.
The instruments utilized, usefully illustrated in the booklet, include the shawm family, the recorder consort, the crumhorn consort, dulcian, sackbut, slide trumpet, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, lutes, guitar, harp, drums, and tabor.
Performing will be Doug Sears, cornetto and vocals; Sarah Viens, cornetto and recorder; Jim Rich, dulcian, recorder and vocals; and Margret Gries, harpsichord and organ.
uk TUESDAY Syrinx Performing on a wide array of double reed instruments ranging from shawms and dulcians to the oboe and bassoon.
The Dulcians have no weapons, so when the evil Dominators and their robotic minions, the Quarks, invade, the pacifist inhabitants are powerless to resist.