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King of England and Ireland in 1936

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The Duke of Windsor was not actually crowned and his reign lasted just 325 days.
There have been questions about her uncle the Duke of Windsor and Nazism but never about her, her mother or father.
In 2002, a formerly secret FBI dossier revealed that the Americans spied on the Duke of Windsor after he became Governor of the Bahamas in August 1940.
Together with the exiled Duke of Windsor and the many collaborators-inwaiting lurking among the British establishment, the duke was willing the failure of Churchill and the British war effort.
The Duke of Windsor was "advised" not to attend the Queen's coronation ceremony in 1953 by the then Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, documents released yesterday reveal.
There's also a chapter devoted to the Windsor, which the authors tell us was not designed or even worn by the Duke of Windsor, but an American invention favored by Frank Sinatra.
He dressed in the 1930s style made famous by the trend-setting Duke of Windsor.
It is said that the Duke of Windsor favored formal wear of midnight blue, partly to match his blue eyes, but also because he had seen that black appears turbid in black and white photographs, while blue seems crisp.
in the Duke of Windsor Room and will be available for one-on-one meetings during the conference.
The less said about the Duke of Windsor the better.
The then Duke of Windsor is pictured making the gesture on an unofficial visit to Germany in 1937, a year after he gave up the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.
1986: The Duchess of Windsor, the American widow of Edward, Duke of Windsor, died in Paris, aged 89.
A LOVE letter written in 1930 by Edward, Duke of Windsor - complaining about being offered sex by a dancer - has fetched PS2,700.
Made Duke of Windsor in 1937 and wed Wallis Simpson.
Many famous people owned a Reverso, including Amelia Earhart, Sir John Mills, whose watch sold at Bonhams in 2005 for pounds 4,200, the Duke of Windsor, who had the caseback monogrammed with the Royal crown, and Edward VIII.