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He commanded a British cavalry brigade under the Duke of Wellington during the Peninsular War.
We join the tarmac lane leading down to the public road where a right turn takes us down Lodge Lane to return to our starting point at the Duke of Wellington Inn.
MANAGER Many punters have been coming to the Duke of Wellington all their lives, including Tony, who has been a regular for 25 years.
The UK's National Portrait Gallery (NPG) has launched a public appeal to secure the funds to buy Sir Thomas Lawrence's uncompleted final portrait of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.
Synopsis: The Duke of Wellington described the Battle of Waterloo as "the most desperate business I ever was in .
TIMBER from a tree planted by the Duke of Wellington has been turned into art to celebrate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo.
I wrote a piece for it about two of the best known pubs in Cowbridge namely the Bear Hotel and the Duke Of Wellington.
English Heritage is putting on new displays at Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner and nearby Apsley House, the London home of the first Duke of Wellington, who commanded the victorious allied army in the Battle of Waterloo in modern day Belgium in 1815.
What was the relationship between Battle of Assaye victor Arthur Wellesley, Waterloo victor the Duke of Wellington, and Prime Minister the Duke of Wellington?
THE Duke of Wellington was a general, twice British Prime Minister and defeated Napoleon.
The current Duke of Wellington, who is the regiment's Deputy Colonel-in-Chief, has written to General Sir Peter Wall, head of the Army, urging him to save the battalion's name.
What was the name of the horse ridden by the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo?
Arthur Wellesley (1769-1852), the first duke of Wellington, is the subject of this volume meant for general readers.