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a university in Durham, North Carolina

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PLANS: Major in engineering at Duke University, North Carolina.
PEOPLE need more dirt in their lives to keep their immune systems healthy according to a Duke University, North Carolina, USA, study that found that rats living in sewers have healthier natural defences against disease than their cleaner cousins that lived in antiseptic labs.
Beat it they did, with 967 participants, only to be usurped in the same week by Duke University, North Carolina.
The party, on two floors of an apartment block, was given by graduates in their mid-20s from Duke University, north Carolina.
The Triangle Research Libraries Network, a long existent library consortium of the academic research libraries at Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (in 1994, a fourth institution became a member of TRLN, North Carolina Central University in Durham), received a $100,000 planning and policy analysis grant from the Council on Library Resources in 1990.
Duke Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry at Duke University, North Carolina, and an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Clum is a retired faculty member of Duke University, North Carolina.
In addition to receiving the “Man of the Year” from Harvard, Glenn continues to be a motivational speaker and guest lecturer on the speaking circuit for such universities as, Harvard University, Princeton University, Duke University, North Carolina Central University, social institutions, associations and non profit organizations.
Behavioural ecologists from Duke University, North Carolina, wanted to know if birdsongs changed over time.
The "Research Triangle" is formed by the geographic nexus of the region's three world-renowned research universities -- Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
The editor is a faculty member of Duke University, North Carolina.
Dr Marc Caron, of Duke University, North Carolina, said: 'We don't want the idea that every Parkinson's patient should try to buy ecstasy
A new American study from Duke University, North Carolina, proves that exercising boosts the size of the harmful LDL cholesterol molecules, making them less able to damage you.
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