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United States jazz composer and piano player and bandleader (1899-1974)

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He changed his name to Ellington after watching the Duke Ellington Orchestra in 1933.
e greatest compliment paid to the record was by Duke ELLINGton, who asked Brewer when she would make an album with him.
Duke Ellington is widely recognized for his work as a jazz composer and band leader.
Duke Ellington and his band were great and we listened to them regularly on the radio, with Louie Bellson, the greatest ever on the drums.
Teachout explores Ellington's personal life, which was earthier and more turbulent than his always elegant on-stage manner, but Duke is really a biography of a band, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, peppered with mini bios of its many eminent members over the years.
His Choral Suite neatly captures the world of Duke Ellington and reminds us that the music we associate with this great musician is often the product of close relationships with other great musicians in his circle.
The Duke Ellington Big BandAAEs tour of Al-Ain and Abu Dhabi falls within ADMAFAAEs efforts to contribute to the UAEAAEs role in promoting cultural dialogue through art.
Mercedes Ellington, the artist's eldest grandchild and the founder and president of The Duke Ellington Centre for the Arts, said: "I was never in a big band but people always would come up to me and ask me about Duke's sound so I decided to put the band together.
Up next, was Harlem's own Duke Ellington School and their Ellington Poets Society with a couple of delightful poems featuring the importance of music, and a combined delivery in both English and Spanish.
The San Antonio-based percussionist/bandleader/radio DJ Henry Brun pays tribute to the music of jazz great Duke Ellington on this new recording, revealing the talents of his Latin Playerz: Travis Davis (piano), Rafael Petiton (bass), Gabriel Pintor (saxophones) and Judi de Leon (vocals), under the musical direction of trumpeter Adrian Ruiz.
Guests at the Cotton Club in the Sugar Hill neighborhood may have had the pleasure of watching Duke Ellington and his orchestra in a tightly arranged, polished performance, but never has Ellington's career seemed as real and as vibrant as it does in a new book that takes a fresh approach to his life and influences.
Ellingtonia; the recorded music of Duke Ellington and his sidemen, 5th ed.
The Lindy hop was one of the most energizing dance crazes of the 20th century; and as the dance evolved in various forms from it's start during the Swing Era, Frankie Manning became a legend with his swing dancing; and in this book, he recalls his nights stompin' at the Savoy Ballroom and performing with jazz greats such as Cab Calloway and Duke Ellington.
This 15-song tribute disc is the soundtrack companion to the upcoming PBS documentary on Strayhorn, the influential composer best-known for his long collaboration with Duke Ellington.
Former Finham Park school pupil Simon Kemp started the band inspired by his musical hero Duke Ellington.
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