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Scottish philosopher and follower of Thomas Reid (1753-1828)


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Entre las reediciones mas recientes de sus trabajos se cuentan British Linguistics of the 19th Century (Londres: Routledge, 1994) Y The Collected Works of Dugald Stewart (Bristol: Thoemrnes Press, 1994).
La "Escuela escocesa del common sense", por su parte, en la que participaron ademas de Reid, George Campbell, Dugald Stewart y otros, considera absurdo poner en duda el sentido comun, que consideran como una facultad fundada en cuestiones de principio y no de hecho, por la que se 'percibe' la verdad.
Dugald Stewart (1753-1828), en lo pertinente al juicio de anterioridad, en la afirmacion de que todos los juicios son sustancialmente afirmativos, en lo de suponer las hipotesis como simples analogias, sobre la necesidad de las observaciones y los experimentos para el conocimiento de los hechos, etc.
Taine, a ce sujet, a fait appel a la loi du philosophe ecossais Dugald Stewart.
2) Theodore Jouffroy a traduit l'essai de Dugald Stewart intitule les Esquisses de philosophie morale.
After an opening section on the biographical and social context of Baillie's life, Duthie's introduction situates Baillie's theory of drama within this empiricist tradition, supplemented by a first appendix of excerpts from John Locke, David Hume, Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, and Dugald Stewart.
The emphasis on subjective feeling and sentiment in these philosophers did not monopolize Emerson's early thinking on issues of morality and ethics, since the Common Sense thinkers Thomas Reid and Dugald Stewart alternatively argued for a more rational grounding of man's moral faculties.
Chief among those he places in the Pufendorfian mainstream of Scottish moral philosophy are Francis Hutcheson, Thomas Reid, Dugald Stewart, and James Mackintosh.
Its leading figures included the philosophers Adam Ferguson, Francis Hutcheson, Adam Smith, John Millar, Dugald Stewart, Thomas Reid, and David Hume and the historian William Robertson.
The first medical officer due to be parachuted into Yugoslavia was Dugald Stewart Macphail, who was born in Glasgow in 1913 and studied medicine at St Andrews.
Relying heavily on Thomas Weiskel's 1976 study The Romantic Sublime, this looks like a rather old-fashioned claim, overlooking the fact that British aesthetic discourse in the period was more likely to be based on the associationist epistemology of David Hartley, Archibald Alison and Dugald Stewart than on Kantian idealism, relatively little known beyond the Coleridge circle.
00--Contrary to the estimation of Reid's close friend and admiring biographer, Dugald Stewart, the correspondence of Thomas Reid is of great interest.
The correspondents include some of the more important scientific and philosophical figures of the age, including David Hume, Joseph Black, Richard Price, Lord Kames, Lord Monboddo, and Dugald Stewart.
Dugald Stewart, in his biography of Smith, talks of this influence: