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Synonyms for dugout

either of two low shelters on either side of a baseball diamond where the players and coaches sit during the game

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a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large log

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a fortification of earth

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And the Pompey manager now believes security around top-flight dug-outs must be urgently beefed-up.
Gregory said: "Ginola was angry with the fourth official - and they do tend to get hammered from the dug-outs for decisions have been made on the pitch.
I was standing outside the dug-out near the Hibs supporters and they started shouting all sorts of rubbish, swear words you could not print.
It may just be that football dug-outs are now officially the new Hell.
At one point the slight former striker squared up to Boro's burly goalkeeping coach Leo Percovic after a tackle by Jamie Mackie almost snapped Jozsef Varga in half right in front of the dug-outs with staff from either side hauling them apart.
The shelters now stand proud on the stand side of the Welfare Park ground - replacing the two brick-built dug-outs on the opposite social club side.
I was on the bottom step and Tich had just entered the dug-out when crash
Durham City Council were today due to examine the damage to decide if the brick-built dug-out is structurally safe.
In those days we used mobile phones because the dug-outs and dressing-rooms at Bloomfield Road were on opposite sides of the ground.
Duffy's dug-out only had one outlet: he always kept a supply of dry and wet wood and even with a dry-wood fire burning in the bottom of the dug-out a man would have to go through a strong smoke barrage before he reached the bottom, but the men sitting around the fire-bucket on the ground were quite free from the smoke which would be above their heads and going up the outlet.
But I think Harry has definitely got a point and it's something we, as a club, will start discussing now because it's happened so close to the dug-out.
And he has been impressed to find a laptop in the home dug-out that shows boss Chris Coleman live coverage of the game so he can review controversial moments.
Roberto martinez believes it would have suited Swansea City if Kenny Jackett had been in the Millwall dug-out tonight.