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either of two low shelters on either side of a baseball diamond where the players and coaches sit during the game

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a canoe made by hollowing out and shaping a large log

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a fortification of earth

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At one point the slight former striker squared up to Boro's burly goalkeeping coach Leo Percovic after a tackle by Jamie Mackie almost snapped Jozsef Varga in half right in front of the dug-outs with staff from either side hauling them apart.
The shelters now stand proud on the stand side of the Welfare Park ground - replacing the two brick-built dug-outs on the opposite social club side.
For the media it (Jackett being there) would have been an attention-seeker, and, if all the attention was on the dug-outs, I would have been very confident about our players showing their authority.
Durham City Council were today due to examine the damage to decide if the brick-built dug-out is structurally safe.
In those days we used mobile phones because the dug-outs and dressing-rooms at Bloomfield Road were on opposite sides of the ground.
Maybe dug-outs should be protected more, but how do you do it?
Brown, who doubles as a BBC radio pundit, had a say in the installing of exercise bikes beside the dug-outs at Craven Cottage for subs.
A: Fans behind dug-outs get their seats specifically there to moan and groan.
There are stewards behind the dug-outs who are trained in all types of security.
At some grounds the away dug-out is not as heavily stewarded and this is something that must be put right.
Most subs have to stand outside the dug-out because there is not enough room and that leaves us vulnerable to attacks and taunts from the crowd.
Samaras picked up a shin injury against Hapoel Tel Aviv on Thursday after flying into his own dug-out.
This was the long-gone era when managers sat in the dug-out, watching the match - and not pretending they could affect it by doing anything other than making substitutions.
The problem was that the home dug-out was far closer to the halfway line than the visitors' consequently the Conference requested the club made changes to bring them in line with the rest of the league.