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French painter noted for brightly colored scenes (1877-1953)


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The Catalan coast is incredibly scenic and has proved an inspiration to such great painters as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Raoul Dufy.
FRENCH painter Raul Dufy worked for the Lyon fabric house Biancini Ferier from 1912 to 1928, where he created hundreds of designs that found their way on to the material produced by the textile factory.
There are currently five examples on show at The Gallery, mimicking work by Anton Mauve, Raoul Dufy, Claude Monet and Dubuffet.
Paul Doe jumped off in front aboard Ritual in the Prix Dufy over a mile and a quarter, but he was headed approaching the two-furlong marker and dropped away to finish 14th behind 127-10 winner Skiinos.
In The Pigeons (1957), a view from inside the third-floor dovecote onto the blue bay beyond, he enters Dufy territory.
En el sector del fauvismo estan incluidos Charles Camoin, Andrade Derain, Raoul Dufy, Henri Manguin y Henri Matisse:
The sale later this month will nevertheless raise questions about the long-term future of other works on loan from the collection, in particular a small but significant group of paintings by the Paris-based painters Modigliani, Rouault, Braque, Utrillo and Dufy.
He meets the Italian-trained winner on the same terms in the 10- furlong Prix Dufy and is unlikely to turn the tables.
When the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne opened in Paris in May 1937, Alexander Watt, writing for Apollo, declared that 'quite the most important' of the many frescoes and panel paintings on display was La Fee Electricite (1937), a vast mural created by Raoul Dufy at the behest of the national electricity company, EDF.
Buffet Frankenthaler Indiana Matisse Picasso Rosenquist Chagall Bacon Dubuffet Haring Johns Miro Christo Basquiat Rauschenberg Thiebaud Le Corbusier Motherwell Dine Braque Cocteau Hockney Leger Nagel Calder Dufy Warhol Lichtenstein Oldenberg Stella
The painter Raoul Dufy, tells the writer Fernand Fleuret, that: "A day of work is a day of astonishing adventure and exploration", while Andre Derain complains conversely of the "nerve-wracking", effort involved in "what's generally known as painting".
Artists represented and searching Botero Esteve Buffet Frankenthaler Indiana Matisse Picasso Tapies Chagall Bacon Dubuffet Haring Johns Miro Rauschenberg Thiebaud Christo Basquiat Cassandre Grooms Le Corbusier Motherwell Rosenquist Vasarely Dine Braque Cocteau Hockney Leger Nagel Steinberg Warhol Ernst Calder Dufy Hundertwasser Lichtenstein Oldenberg Stella Willi's Wine Bar
If Dufy and Manet had collaborated on pinups for Melody Maker, the results might look like Elizabeth Peyton's meltingly romantic, dead cool portraits of red-lipped youngish men.
Just opened at the Castle Museum & Art Gallery, the exhibition features a wide range of prints by artists such as Matisse, Miro, Dufy, Braque and many others based in Paris, as well as Picasso.