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a stupid incompetent person

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Recent solo sets draw together new songs, improvisations, electronic samples, and select material from the 13-year history of Dufus, making each night a unique creative experience.
There's also a nightmare nuclear family across the road with a baby-sniffing dada caustic mom and a scene-stealing dufus detective brother.
Dufus looks for the most expensive board to learn on.
From a live petting zoo to tethered balloon rides to spin art and live music, you won't want to sit for even a sec' -- except maybe to enjoy some of the scrumptious eats our prized chefs, Rufus, Dufus, Daryl, Sweetie Pie and Willie B.
And when he marries the spoilt Sylvie (Romola Garai), poor old Emma settles for a fellow restaurant lackey and all-round dufus Ian (Rafe Spall).
We left industrial skiffle music to its own devices and booked our first gig, supporting Dufus in November 2006.
You may have to tolerate the crackling of static as the movie soundtrack transmits through your car radio, and you may have to wait for the wailing of sirens to pass somewhere in the distance -- but it's worth it to sit in your car, eat your own food and watch a film without worrying that some dufus on a cell phone will ruin the movie.
A dedicated fan of the aerosol sponsored show with the 'the nicest whitest kids in town', when one of the ozone demolishing dancers has to take a nine month sabbatical, Tracy turns up for the auditions with best friend Penny (Amanda Bynes doing a great turn in as the lollipop sucking, wide-eyed dufus Lolita) only to get short shrift from Velma Von Tussle (Michelle Pfeiffer), the station's faded beauty queen bitch racist manager and mother to teen diva Amber (Brittany Snow).
2 to first in the BCS, was in a way not even your favorite dufus could calculate, actually dropped behind LSU into third and to the Rose Bowl.
In New York recently some fuckin' dufus threw his beer onto the stage.
Even Joey Essex's lovable dufus shtick started to grate.
Kulak says he must shell out an additional $1,500 a month out of what he calls his ``middle-class income'' to keep the doors open and Dufus the bullfrog fed.
The portly star plays a heavy metal-worshipping dufus called JB who leaves his Christian parents and journeys to Hollywood where he teams up with fellow hopeful musician KG (Kyle Gass).
On the other side of town is a luckless but big-hearted dufus called Jake who, when not eking out a living as a toilet cleaner, is getting splashed by taxis.
Dufus and his Hollywood allies have in common: They have all made a career pretending to be someone they are not.