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an incompetent or clumsy person

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You could say so, Duffer was a good man to win a freekick in the corner," O'Shea smiled.
The second match, played between Duffers and Fools, saw the Duffers emerge victorious.
Situated in the heart of the golfing world this business serves duffers and famous PGA professionals too.
There are a few duffers among them but, overall, this disc is a retro gamer's dream ( and you don't need an endless supply of 10p pieces to go with it
We already have McCartney, the Stones and other geriatric duffers charging a fortune to grind out old, tired stuff.
Having hit an unbeaten century to win a Test match for England he promptly retired before any old duffers could toss him out for younger blood.
Not surprisingly the old duffers at the FA warned the players they risked a booking for exposing the merest hint of a buttock, but we at Post Sport like to think the team would have gone ahead with it anyway.
We could then scrap the hapless House of Lords, save a hell of a lot of money (hopefully to be better spent on hospitals and schools) and spare us the all-too-often sad sight of ancient duffers droning on in a vast, near-empty chamber and being barely heard above the snores of fellow members.
Spalding Sports Worldwide has enlisted DuPont's Teflon to help duffers achieve that goal with its new Strata Tour Straight premium golf ball.
What a bunch of sad duffers they are - could it have anything to do with the fact that England's women cricketers have been much more successful than the men in recent years.
But Caldwell has discovered that minorities are starved for information and features on fellow minority duffers, information they realize they'll never get from the mainstream press.
Anyway, no doubt the usual suspects will be there - the duffers, bluffers, huffers, puffers and free food-stuffers to kiss Condi's butt
And so the tone is set for his new DVD, Tuffers' Duffers.
The latest collection of gaffes: Tuffers' Duffers is out tomorrow presented by former England spinner Phil Tufnell - and we've got a superb prize to give away.