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a highway divided down the middle by a barrier that separates traffic going in different directions

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Another project- Al Wakra Bypass, the 11 km duel carriageway, starts at Al Mashaf Road and stretches to Mesaieed Road.
Thankfully, due to the A55 duel carriageway, the bulk and burden of the heavy traffic has gone, leaving the tranquil village to be as it should be.
I was upstairs and I saw two guys run across the road and wait in the centre of the duel carriageway," he said.
The 30mph limit on Easington Road, next to the town's hospital, will be replaced by 40mph from Thursday, bringing it in line with the current limit on the other side of the duel carriageway.
She was arrested on Christmas Day after police saw the car veer across a duel carriageway and clip the kerb.
Thorns Road is a duel carriageway with a speed limit of 40 mph, in a built-up area and surrounded by houses.
However, one seemingly age-old bug bear remains, for which a generation of politicians must be blamed - the lack of a duel carriageway to Cardiff International Airport.
On the way home, the 44-year-old smashed into a broken down car on a busy duel carriageway.
During a week long trial Andrew Downie, prosecuting said that Scarisbrick was driving along the duel carriageway from Southport to Liverpool at 11.
Found guilty of driving without due care and attention, by driving from lane to lane on the A19 duel carriageway and hitting another vehicle, on September 18.
The A5 scheme has completed a duel carriageway link from the A38 to the M42 at Tamworth.
Some of our parents cross that duel carriageway twice a day.
Other proposed schemes along the road include new roundabouts at Nutts Lane, Sketchley and Wolvey Road, and a duel carriageway between Wolvey Road and the M69.
The site's location adjacent to the A465, which is to be widened into a duel carriageway, is considered to be one of Rhyd y Blew's prime advantages.
They gave themselves up yesterday when the driver heard banging from the back of his lorry as he drove down the Naas duel carriageway, and he delivered them to Kildare Garda station.