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a highway divided down the middle by a barrier that separates traffic going in different directions

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A duel carriageway from Cardiff International directly into the heart of the capital should be central to his plans.
Some of our parents cross that duel carriageway twice a day.
Other proposed schemes along the road include new roundabouts at Nutts Lane, Sketchley and Wolvey Road, and a duel carriageway between Wolvey Road and the M69.
The site's location adjacent to the A465, which is to be widened into a duel carriageway, is considered to be one of Rhyd y Blew's prime advantages.
They gave themselves up yesterday when the driver heard banging from the back of his lorry as he drove down the Naas duel carriageway, and he delivered them to Kildare Garda station.
During a week long trial Andrew Downie, prosecuting said that Scarisbrick was driving along the duel carriageway from Southport to Liverpool at 11.
The improvements have lead to the westbound duel carriageway being reduced to a single lane between the Black Bull pub, Wardley and Heworth roundabout, to eventually widen the road to three lanes to create a bus lane.
The borough council is to improve bus stopping places and pedestrian areas near the new centre to make it safer for people crossing the duel carriageway.
The victim turned left onto a duel carriageway and as she drove along the right hand lane the other car pulled alongside and rammed the side of her car forcing the victim to pull onto the hard shoulder.
Mr Argent's Renault Clio drove off a duel carriageway and hit a lamppost on October 7 after, prosecutors allege, Scarisbrick had cut him up in his van and the two vehicles came together.
He was heartened by my clutch control and awareness but underwhelmed by my inertia on a duel carriageway as I resolutely avoided hitting the 60mph limit.
Mr Noel Mason, of Gorleston, Norfolk, died in hospital shortly after the incident on a duel carriageway in nearby Great Yarmouth.
Police today were focusing their investigations on a block of flats on the duel carriageway.
The Coast Road is a straight duel carriageway and the 70 mph limit is appropriate.
Fronting the A45, Centrelink House is offering space with Birmingham city centre four miles away and duel carriageway access to the M42, seven miles away.