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the date on which an obligation must be repaid

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Our road's bins have been un-emptied well into the third day after the due day and whilst we know from previous reports that the council has no interest in the appearance of our streets - even apparently those in Conservation Areas - for them to leave those streets cluttered with wheelie bins unnecessarily for a full 72 hours each week is a demonstration of indifference at an astonishing level.
Ken said: "On the due day for the return of the children after their Christmas break they were met in the Holly Bank playground by the headmaster Mr Briggs who told the children that the school had burned down and they would return home until further notice.
The official site of the bishopric informs that the electric bill of the temple for the month of January amounts to the staggering BNG 2A 940, making it impossible to be paid on the due day, which is today, Tuesday, February 26.
followed by attempts to postpone it for 24 hours in order to make the due day
The due day arrived and, despite a late previous night at the restaurant, I arose early to be there before 8am just in case the cable layers came first thing.