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the date on which an obligation must be repaid

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As many as 156,000 consumers of Mepco of 12 badges were facing difficulty in paying their utility bills on the due date at the end of the month.
Child Benefits: Due date - December 25 (now paid on December 21); Due date - December 26 (now paid on December 22); Due date - January 1 (now paid on December 29).
This sounds strange as the statement mentioned only the due date and did not talk about any early deposit.
For individual taxpayers, however, an extension may be approved regardless of payment of any balance due by the original due date (although reasonable efforts should be made to complete the amounts included on Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.
For C corporations, the new due date is the 15th day of the fourth month following the close of the corporations year.
Whatever your due date is, remember: get regular prenatal check-ups; take prenatal vitamins; eat a baby-healthy diet (you're eating for 1.
Implement a due date tracking system for estate tax returns.
For example, if the sticker reads April 2014, then the new service due date is April 2016.
After operations, it is found that greedy algorithm improves cost for single machine early/tardy problems based on tight due date.
She wrote that neither the Credit CARD Act nor the Federal Reserve's Regulation Z mandate that credit unions disclose such information and noted that the Fed's staff has determined that "a courtesy period following the payment due date is not a grace period.
Not only did the young mother give birth to both her girls on the due date she was given during the early stages of pregnancy but little Chloe and PaigeMorton's birth dates contain all ones.
I paid half of it prior to the due date and the remaining balance about two days after the due date and got hit with a late charge.
34) At the time of publication, there were indications that IDOR will construe this requirement as requiring disclosure by the first original due date for a return due after the July 30, 2004, effective date of the legislation.
At MBNA, a customer incurs a late charge only if the payment is not posted by the day after the due date, so a payment that meets the above criteria and arrives at any time on the due date will be considered on time.