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flesh of a young domestic duck

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young duck

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Willard, however, allegedly sped up his car, running over a female mallard and several of her ducklings.
The company's new version of the Ugly Duckling is wowing critics and you can see why when it plays here in Huddersfield on March 16.
The ducklings were crossing the road in Edinburgh with their mother when they fell into the drain.
So they filled a paddling pool used during their grandson's visits and let the ducklings loose in it.
Keeper Yvonne McCann explained: "A worried member of the public alerted me saying she'd noticed a large chimp holding onto the ducklings.
School staff laid out water trays for the duck and her nine ducklings on the sports hall roof.
It was quite special to be able to gently hold the world's rarest duckling in your hand.
It might be possible to lure one of the ducklings from the water.
Sylvia's unusual tale is similar to that of Washington banker Joel Armstrong, dubbed "Duck Man" last week after he came to the rescue of a dozen ducklings trying to fly off the ledge of a building.
LEADING food laboratory Leatherhead Food International (LFI) has once again found that Cherry Valley ducklings offer the highest meat to fat ratio of any brand on the market.
Bangkok Ranch (Tel: 01638 744364), a leading producer of Pekin ducklings, has appointed a major player from the duck industry to develop sales of the company's duck products in Europe.
We want to raise some ducks for table use, however there is no starter food for ducklings available in the area.
A trio of panicked ducklings, whose mother and sibling were killed by a hit-and-run driver as they waddled across Long Canyon Road, found themselves in even deeper trouble when two sought refuge in a storm drain.
He joined family-owned Manor Farm Ducklings in June as operations director, running the food processing division and looking after business development.
EIGHT little ducklings drove motorists quackers on a busy motorway.