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flesh of a young domestic duck

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young duck

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Newcastle Labour councillor David Stockdale said this was the first time he had seen ducklings waddling around the civic centre.
The ducklings arrived at the Kirkleatham Owl Centre a few days before Easter when their own mother was unable to care for them.
Robyn said: "It wasn't too big a drop - around an arm's length - into the drain and the ducklings didn't seem fazed.
Ducks at the park roam freely and keepers say it appears the mum didn''t realise her ducklings were risking the wrath of the Kings of the Jungle.
I spoke to the Bahraini mother organising this, and she said the ducklings were fun for the children to play with.
The fluffy ducklings faced being swept away beneath a textile mill after being washed over an overflow.
Willard, however, allegedly sped up his car, running over a female mallard and several of her ducklings.
Two weeks ago, the eggs hatched and we saw eight little ducklings.
They were astonished to find a mother mallard duck together with 13 ducklings which had just hatched.
The hooded crow watched in Blackrock Park in Dublin as the mother of the newlyborn ducklings travelled from the pond to a grass verge.
A CHURCH has welcomed some new members to its congregation - a duck and her ducklings.
THE world's rarest duck has bred successfully in captivity, with 18 ducklings hatching in an "incredible step forward" in saving the bird from extinction.
Right Way, Your Way and Wrong Way are three cute ducklings and there are no prizes for guessing which of the ducklings is the most troublesome.
Summary: Footage has emerged of a hen adopting a bunch of ducklings and a dog caring for a piglet.
We examined survival of King Eider ducklings on the North Slope of Alaska and examined survival in relation to distance traveled over land.