cucking stool

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an instrument of punishment consisting of a chair in which offenders were ducked in water

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As such the ducking-stool was one of a variety of ancient chastisements available to local authorities.
The ducking-stool at Leominster is unusual in that it is mounted on four wheels, so that it could be wheeled about the town before making its way down to the river.
Leominster had a ducking-stool at least from the 16th century, though the earliest records refer to it as a cucking-stool.
The Leominster magistrates may have got a hold of a ducking-stool relatively late, but they made up for lost time.
Perhaps the ducking-stool had passed its usefulness.
You half expect to see blokes dressed as Pilgrim Fathers on the streets, dripping witches cackling on ducking-stools nearby.
However, the cultural elite are advancing with understandable caution, having already encountered unexpected opposition from concerned coarse anglers (some very coarse) to their ambitious plans for a series of punitive ducking-stools to be stationed along the River Fender's picturesque left bank - a popular picnicking spot before the sudden and unexplained retreat of the natterjack toads.