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1 -- ran in Simi edition only) Watershed manager Randal Orton shows a patch of duck weed in Malibu Creek above the Tapia Water Reclamation Plant, which is facing strict regulations that might require raising water rates to build a new treatment plant.
This is the time when everything grows like wildfire and the water will vanish from sight if you don't keep up the assault on blanket weed, duck weed and overhanging foliage.
I was sorry to see that the fish ponds at St Fagans Castle are coated with duck weed.
If duck weed appears on the surface of ponds or water features scoop every last piece out promptly, or it will soon get out of hand.
I fancied Duck Weed at Portman Park on Thursday, and he won at 25-1.
His fish thrive on a careful diet, yet there are no signs of blanket weed or duck weed.
That roof may be a surface mat of hydrilla, hyacinths, duck weed, lily pads or any combination thereof.