pruning knife

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a knife with a curved or hooked blade

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Everyone was gathered behind the tee watching and I hit the most horrible low duck hook of my life.
The Dye and Fazio courses are located in the northeastern part of the 43-square-mile Walt Disney World property, a duck hook away from Fort Wilderness Resort and within a John Daly 7-iron of Disney's Dixie Landings Resort, which opens in February.
His opening drive was a duck hook that travelled barely 200 yards and he could not make the green in two on the 425-yard hole.
But he was in trouble right from the outset to be three over after three holes and then six over after the seventh where he nearly drove out of bounds following a duck hook off the tee.
Douglas said: "He hit what we call somewhat of a duck hook.
Douglas replied: "He hit what we call somewhat of a duck hook.
The rest of my game is fine but when I am on the tee I pull eight out of 10 drives to the left or duck hook wildly.
He finished six-over par at the TNT Dutch Open, starting with a duck hook and finishing with his ball going into a fairway stand.
He's genetically inclined to hit duck hooks, he enjoys the water more than most golfers, and he can't read putts with eyes on the sides of his head," Aflac Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Michael Zuna said.
Expect applause and exclamations of glee to greet American missed putts, shanks and duck hooks.